Worlds Collide - Kelseyalicia - Danny Phantom [Archive of Our Own] (2024)

Ceci's theme song:

Ceci Spirit! Here’s the situation,
I’m a combination that can’t be defined!
Ceci Spirit! No need for an explanation,
I'll show you through a demonstration, one of a kind!

Ceci Spirit! The supernatural’s mine!
What I do each day, I cannot say,
But I’ll use these powers to save the day!
Ceci Spirit! Defending my hometown,
From those who’d bring it down,
I’ll turn the tide around!

Ceci Spirit! Got powers, I’ll use them,
Change the world and keep them secret too!
Casting illusions over you,
With every step, I know what to do!

Ceci Spirit! The supernatural’s mine!
What I do each day, I cannot say,
But I’ll use these powers to save the day!
Ceci Spirit! Defending my hometown,
From those who’d bring it down,
I’ll turn the tide around

Now, it's time to Spirit Up!
So I can be free, to be me!
Breaking through the night,
Shining like a light,
Ceci Spirit, that’s right!

Ceci Spirit! The supernatural’s mine!
What I do each day, I cannot say,
But I’ll use these powers to save the day!
Ceci Spirit! Defending my hometown,
From those who’d bring it down,
I’ll turn the tide around!

Ceci Spirit! That’s me!
Ceci Spirit!

Ceci Spirit one-shots (Currently):

(From now on, everything from Past Advice Blog 3 will be posted on Kelseyalicia's A03 account due to endless trolling on Fanfiction.)

Story 1: Coffee Klatch 8: Kathy Duquense and Jezebel Ramsey meet for coffee.

Story 2: Ceci's Thanksgiving: Ceci's family celebrates Thanksgiving.

Story 3: Journaling: Ceci writes about the upcoming Christmas Truce Party in her journal.

Story 4: Journaling 2: Danny writes about the coming Truce Party.

Story 5: Christmas Spirit: Ceci and Danny enjoy Christmas together at the Truce Party. The Ancients also give them a special gift.

Story 6: Coffee Klatch 16: Carl Duquense and Joel Ramsey meet up after work for coffee

Story 7: Buttercups: The Peace Valley Buttercups have a special badge ceremony

Story 8: Hero's Psyche: Danny calls Ceci to his reality to help him with mental issues.

Story 9: Journaling 3: Ceci's thoughts on the New Year

Story 10: Journaling 4: Danny's thoughts on the New Year

Story 11: Bar Mitzvah: Ceci's friend Jamie's little brother Ruben's Bar Mitzvah. Danny comes to Peace Valley to attend the event.

Story 12: School Spirit: Ceci meets the ghost of a girl who died of a fatal prank in the 1980s in the girl's bathroom.

Story 13: Adoption Denise tells her little sister Danika how they adopted her.

Story 14: Intervention: Ceci helps Danny stage an intervention with Sam and Tucker.

Story 15: Journaling 5: Ceci's POV of Intervention

Story 16: Journaling 6: Danny's POV of Intervention

Story 17: Cookie Drive: The Buttercups's annual cookie sale drive.

Story 18: Some hearts are just lucky sometimes: Valentine's Day in Peace Valley

Story 19: Journaling 7: Ceci's POV after the Ancients give the heroes their mission.

Story 20: Journaling 8: Danny's POV after the Anicents give the heroes their mission.

Story 21: Worlds Collided Bonus Chapter: Ceci encounters Mag Masters

Story 22: Danny encounters Kai Graves

Story 23: Journaling 9: Ceci writes about meeting Mag Masters

Story 24: Journaling 10: Danny writes about meeting Kai Graves.

Story 25: Bonding Time: Danny visits Ceci's world

Story 26: Book Club 4: Felicity and Danika talk about a book their class just finished reading.

Story 27: Cover Story: The Origins of Kathleen Wells.

Story 28: Journaling 11: Ceci's POV of revealing to Jazz who she is.

Story 29: Journaling 12: Danny's POV of revealing who Ceci is to Jazz.

Story 30: Bonding Time 2: To bond, Danny and Jazz visit their sister's world together.

Story 31: Coffee Klatch 23: Maddie Masters has coffee with her cousin Kathleen.

Story 32: Journaling 13: Maddie Masters' POV of her coffee date with her cousin.

Story 33: Journaling 14: Kathleen Wells's POV after having coffee with her cousin Maddie Masters

Story 34: Coffee Klatch 24: Maddie Fenton and her cousin Kathleen Wells meet for coffee.

Story 35: Book Club 6: Charlie Masters and his best friend Ruben Ramsey discuss the Unwanteds book series.

Story 36: Journaling 15: Maddie Fenton's POV after coffee with her cousin.

Story 37: Journaling 16: Kathleen's POV after coffee with her cousin.

Story 38: Journaling 17: Jazz's thoughts after spending the day with her new sister.

Story 39: Journaling 18: Jack Inferno's thoughts after spending the day with his son.

Story 40: Journaling 19: Jamie's POV after his conversation with Sam.

Story 41: Journaling 20: Sam's POV after her conversation with Jamie.

Story 42: Journaling 21: Denise's POV after talking with Tucker.

Story: 43 Journaling 22: Tucker's POV after talking with Denise.

Story 44: Bachelor Pad: Jack and Vlad's cousin Robert and Alexei's home life.

Story 45: Advice Blog: Kathleen writes her weekly advice blog.

Story 46: Spelling Bee: Charlie Masters wins the state spelling bee. Jazz and Danny visit to offer their support.

Story 47: Coffee Klatch 25: Mag Masters and Kathleen talk over coffee.

Story 48: Journaling 23: Kathleen's thoughts after her coffee date with Mag.

Story 49: Journaling 24: Mag's thoughts after coffee with Kathleen.

Story 50: Advice Blog 2: Kathleen's new blog

Story 51: Coffee Klatch 26: Maddie Fenton has coffee with her cousin Kathleen and her ex-husband Alexei Petrov.

Story 52: Coffee Klatch 27: Maddie Masters has coffee with her cousin Kathleen Well. Her cousin's ex-husband, Robert Jackson, joins them as well.

Story 53: Journaling 25: Alex's thoughts after coffee with Maddie Fenton.

Story 54: Journaling 26: Robert's thoughts after coffee with Maddie Masters.

Story 55: Book Club 10: The Peace Valley Buttercups attend the children's book club together. This week, they're discussing the beloved children's book "The Egypt Game."

Story 56: Rosh Hashanah: Jazz and Danny visit Peace Valley to attend their sister Ceci's friend Jamie's celebration of the Jewish New Year.

Story 57: Journaling 27: Danny's POV after Jewish New Year.

Story 58: Journaling 28: Jazz's POV after Jewish New Year.

Story 59: Coffee Klatch 28 (A03 only): Kathleen Wells has coffee with Leta Morgenstern.

Story 60: Journaling 29 (A03 only): Kathleen's thoughts after having coffee with Leta.

Story 61: Journaling 30 (AO3 only): Leta's thoughts after having coffee with Kathleen.

Story 62: Advice Blog 3: Another of Kathleen's blogs

Story 63: Coffee 29: Vlad and his cousin Alexei have coffee together.

Story 64: Journaling 31: Alex's thoughts after having coffee with his cousin.

Story 65: Journaling 32: Vlad's thoughts after having coffee with his cousin.

Story 66: Coffee Klatch 30: Robert and Jack have coffee together.

Story 67: Journaling 33: Robert's thoughts about his cousin Jack Fenton.

Story 68: Journaling 34: Jack Fenton's thoughts on his cousin.

Story 69: Coffee Klatch 31: Kathleen, Mag, and Leta get together for coffee.

Story 70: Advice Blog 4: Kathleen's new blog.

Story 71: Journaling 35: Candance Edwards writes about her encounter with Mr. Lancer during a lull in class.

Story 72: Journaling 36: Bonnie writes about her day spending time with Paulina.

Story 73: Young Love: Charlie Masters has a secret girlfriend.

Story 74: Coffee Klatch 32: Maddie Masters has coffee with her in-laws.

Story 75: Advice Blog 5: Kathleen's blog about how to be a good parent.

Story 76: Coffee Klatch 33: Kate, Jezebel, and Kathleen meet for coffee to discuss the disgusting issue of child marriages.

Story 77: Happy Birthday, Ceci Masters!: As the title suggests, Ceci is celebrating her birthday with friends and family.

Story 78: The Funeral of Bianca Ricardez: Ceci's principal, Mrs. Ricardez's family, goes to Mexico in English for a family member's funeral.

Story 79 El Funeral de Bianca Ricardez: Same story as 78, only in Spanish.

Story 81: Coffee Klatch 34: Maddie, Mag, and Kathleen have a coffee date during unpleasant winter weather

Story 82: I cast a spell on you!: Ceci tells Danny about her human foe with a magical artifact. Lady Belladonna.

Story 83: Advice Blog 6: Kathleen's newest blog

Story 84: School Spirit 2: The school spirit Irma requests Ceci's help watching over her autistic niece when she transfers to Waverly High.

Story 85: Coffee Klatch 35: Half-Ghost Vlad from the Abduction Universe has coffee with Alexei Petrov and Robert Jackson. (Abduction Universe belongs to Kelseyalicia)

Story 86: Nightmares: Ceci Masters starts having nightmares about Lady Belladonna after talking to Danny about her.

Story 87: Coffee Klatch 36: In honor of Pride Month, Ceci's world is the setting for the story, which is about LGBTQ members Jamie and Wendell on their first date.

Story 88: Spirit of Sleepover Hollow: Ceci Masters helps supervise her little sister Felicity's Buttercup Sleepover party.

Story 89: Heritage Day: Ceci's classmate Kati explores her Native American roots and helps the school form an assembly to educate others about everyone's heritage

Story: 90: Journaling 37: Jamie writes about his feelings and thoughts after his first date with Wendell Hilton.

Story 91: Journaling 38: Wendell writes about his feelings and thoughts after his first date with Jamie Ramsey.

Story 92: Vlad Masters's Funeral: A poem to honor Vlad's late voice actor.

Story 93: Advice Blog 7: Kathleen posted a new blog.

Worlds Collide Chapter descriptions:

Chapter 1: Prologue: We are introduced to Ceci Masters/ Ceci Spirit's world.

Chapter 2: Life in Peace Valley: We see what life is like in Ceci's world with her family and friends

Chapter 3: In the Shadows of Time and Space: We first glance at the main antagonist: Paradox.

Chapter 4: We see Ceci's friends parents and their lives

Chapter 5: Crime Time: Paradox begins his evil plans

Chapter 6: Double Date: Ceci and her friend Denise go on a double date that gets crashed by the Huntress and Skulker.

Chapter 7: The Ancients: The Ancients of the Ghost Zone come together to discuss the multiverse crises they're facing.

Chapter 8: Witching Hour: Danny and Jazz met Twiggy, a ghost not from their reality.

Chapter 9: Informing the Heros: The Anicents bring the six teens from two realities together to inform them of a vital mission they need their help with.

Chapter 10: Bonds of Friendship: The two trios start to get to know each other over some food.

Chapter 11: Special Delivery: Danny's group travels to Ceci's world to return the Box Ghost to their reality.

Chapter 12: Friendship is Magic: Ceci's group travels to Danny's reality to return Twiggy to theirs.

Chapter 13: Finding the first clues: The Anicents uncover a prophecy that foretells their current crisis and how to fix it. However, like most prophecies, it's in riddle form.

Chapter 14: Brother and Sister Time: Danny and Ceci talk about the events of the bonus chapter one-shots.

Chapter 15: Sibling Rivalry: Jazz finds out the truth about Ceci.

Chapter 16: Ancient History: The heroes and their allies are informed of the history of who is behind the crisis involving the multiverse.

Chapter 17: Sister Time: Jazz and Ceci bond while returning the White Lady to Peace Valley.

Chapter 18: Father-Son Time: Danny bonds with Jack Inferno while trying to return Youngblood home.

Chapter 19: Sam and Jamie: The two Jewish kids tried to bond with each other.

Chapter 20: Denise and Tucker: The two tried to bond and help each other with their weak points.

Chapter 21: Tale of Two Cities: Lancer and Ceci's teacher, Mrs. Edwards, meet.

Chapter 22: Bring it on: Bonnie Storms helps Paulina's cheerleading squad out.

Chapter 23: Enemy of my Enemy: Paradox recruits his first allies. Dan Phantom and Dark Ceci

Chapter 24: Everyday Love: Everyone takes a break to relax by having a backyard picnic at Kathleen's.

Chapter 25: Author's Note.

All About Ceci is taken directly from Specter14's Toyhouse page.

Ceci Masters: voiced by Ann Hathaway

-HUMAN NAME Cecilia Masters

-GHOST NAME Ceci Spirit

-GENDER Female

-SPECIES half-ghost

-AGE 16


-HEIGHT 5' 9"


-history, English, and business/entrepreneur-related topics

-hanging out with friends

-flying around town

-reading and writing

-planning and organizing


-being ignored (especially by her parents)

-when people are in danger

-being wrong

-rejection by her loved ones


-Junior class VP, confident, extroverted, ambitious, good grades, wants to go into business/marketing/communications, good public speaker, motherly to her two younger siblings Charlie and Felicity (but as her parents, they still don't know her secret)

-school: Waverly High School (in Peace Valley, a small town in Wisconsin)

-obsessions: protecting her loved ones, being in control

-fatal flaws: is a bit of a control freak, wants to keep peace and order, thinks she is always right, and sometimes has to admit she's not begrudgingly

-the counterpart to Danny (alt-universe)

-Daughter of Maddie and human Vlad

-on OK terms with Inferno (halfa Jack)

-faced Pariah Dark with Inferno, and they both locked him away again (by tricking him, not fighting)

-Inferno is a pacifist (unless for self-defense) but still holds a grudge against the Masters but has a soft spot for the kids and Ceci

-she fights the usual ghost enemies on a pretty regular basis to protect her hometown, Peace Valley

-Her best friends are Denise and Jamie - cheerleader and actor

-Valerie's counterpart is Diego, Blue Baron or "Blue," who is a ghost hunter that still holds a grudge against Spirit, has an armored suit and glider wings that are black and blue

-Vlad and Maddie are ghost hunters/scientists and a bit more respectable than Jack and Maddie in canon, but they are still viewed as weird

-The alt version of the ghost thermos is a pen-shaped holding device often called a "clicker."

-once, during one of Jamie's shows, some blob ghosts found their way onto the stage, and the actors had to pretend it was normal. Now, it's a running joke in the school and among Ceci's friend group

-once Ceci and her friends were in a ghost fight and needed a quick retreat, her developing ecto-manipulation power made a working car around them. But Jamie, the only one who couldn't drive, ended up in the driver's seat. Lots of screaming and lousy driving ensued.


-Her unique primary power is manipulating ecto energy to form any object or thing she needs, as well as mirages. In this way, she can trick people into thinking they see certain things, a way of deceit instead of fighting head-on. Think of a combination of the reality stone from MCU and manipulation of the Mist from PJO (except she can't change physical things like the reality stone; she tricks people's sense of sight in a way like Thanos did on Titan). Another similar example is Sprite's powers from the Eternal. This power is amplified with a more significant amount of ectoplasm available in the surroundings. Ghosts may also feel a shift in the residual ectoplasm around them. They use this

-when she first developed the ability (6+ months into being a half), she did it in her sleep, and Jamie and Denise first noticed it during a few sleepovers. It was hard to control at first

-can also heal other ghosts, humans, or animals with ecto energy (though with enough use, this may cause temporarily ghostly abilities to manifest)

-duplication, telekinesis

Lady Spirit: Similar concept to Dark Dan

Voiced by Jane Fonda: Shruriki from Elena of Avalor.

Other OCs made by both of us, but with tons of personality building from KelseyAlicia!

Charlie Masters: Eamon Pirrucello- Wilykat ThunderCats 2011:
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: Taller then average
Wears glasses
Personality: Ambitious, bookworm, slightly formal, responsible, very mature.
Clothing: A red polo shirt, black slacks, dress shoes.
Likes: Studying, tidiness, chess.
Dislikes: Messes, immaturity, slackers.


Felicity Masters: Madeline Hall- Wilykit ThunderCats 2011
Age: 9
Grade: 4th
Hair: brown shoulder-length
Eyes: Lavender
Height: Average
Personality: Curious, playful, caring, thoughtful.
Clothing: Pink T-shirt with a kitten, blue jeans, pink sneakers. Pink headband, kitty accessories.
Likes: Kittens, Darcy dolls (parody of Barbie), pink.
Dislikes: Not having a cat, boys, her dolls being ruined.


Jamie Ramsey: Max Brooks- Howard Groote Batman Beyond
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Hair: Messy Brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: Short
Clothes: Flannel shirt over a white shirt. Baggy jeans and sneakers
Personality: Laid-back, mellow, funny.
Likes: Acting, Musicals, Danny, hamantaschen
Dislikes: being made fun of for being short or gay. People arguing or being disrespectful. Running.


Denise Duquesne: Pamela Adion- Pumyra ThunderCats 2011
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Hair: curly black in pixie cut
Eyes: Brown
Height: Average
Personality: Sassy, honest, romantic.
Clothes: Pink halter top, black leggings, hoop earrings.
Likes: Cheerleading, her little sister, matchmaking, Randy Martin.
Dislikes: Sexual harassment, Jamie falling for the wrong person, her co-cheerleader captain, Bonnie Storms\

OCs entirely made by KelseyAlicia! Many thanks to her for bringing this world to life!

First, family members of the main characters!

Danika Duquesne: Denise's adopted little sister
Voice: Cree Summers
Age: 9
Grade: 4th
Hair: Black beaded braids
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: Average for her age
Personality: Fun-loving, friendly, bubbly, loyal.
Appearance: Beaded braid hair, white and lavender t-shirt under a lavender jumper.
Likes: Her family and best friend, Darcy Dolls, horses, lavender.
Dislikes: Racism, being ignored by her sister, made fun of for being adopted.


Katherine Duquesne: Kimberly Brooks: Kathy Duquesne AKA Batwoman: Mystery of the Batwoman.
Age: 30s-40s
Hair: Black in a French braid.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: Tall
Personality: Caring, determined, devoted, and motherly.
Clothing: Pink dress under a doctor's white lab coat
Likes: Her family, staying healthy, helping sick people, running.
Dislikes: Racism, people who waste doctors' time, her children being disobedient.
She works as the head of the ER.


Carl Duquesne: Kevin Micheal Richardson: Character of the same name from Mystery of the Batwoman
He is the same age as his wife
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Dark brown.
Height: Extremely tall. He's built like a linebacker.
Personality: Organized, devoted father, hardworking, serious.
Likes: Staying healthy, his family, neatness, running.
Dislikes: Messes, being unhealthy, racism, his daughters misbehaving.
Works as a nurse in the ER.


Mr. Joel Ramsey: Bob Hasting: Commissioner Gordon Batman TAS
Age: Between late 30s and early 40s
Hair: Messy blond hair
Eyes: Gray
Height: medium
Personality: fatherly, hardworking, caring.
Likes: Helping kids, his family, running, soccer.
Dislikes: being unable to help children, child abuse, antisemitism.
Works for CPS with his wife.


Mrs. Jezebel Ramsey: Kyra Sedgwick: Batwoman: The Mystery of Batwoman.
She is the same age as her husband
Hair: Short brown

Eyes: brown
Height: Petite
Personality: Punctual, organized, devoted mother, respectful.
Clothing: periwinkle business dress suit.
Likes: Her family, helping children, running, photography, HGTV.
Dislikes: antisemitism, abusers, false CPS reports, inability to help people.
Works for CPS.


Ruben Ramsey: Rider Strong: Shawn Hunter Boy Meets World.
Jamie's adopted Latino brother.
Age: 13
Hair: Longish dark
Eyes: Dark
Height: Average
Personality: Slightly withdrawn, friendly, kind, funny.
Likes: His new family, playing the guitar, baking, running.
Dislikes: Racism, foster care, talking about his dark past,


Kathleen Wells: Maddie's 'cousin." Acts like a mother for both sets of children so they can visit each other.
Age: Her actual age is only a few months. Looks like someone in their mid-30s.
Hair: Curly, shoulder-length auburn hair.
Eyes: Light Purple
Height: Petite
Personality: kindhearted, devoted, friendly, wise, loves to help others.
Clothing: Unlike the other characters, she has a wardrobe.
Likes: her family, giving good advice, gardening, her 'cousin.'
Dislikes: Hateful people, her children, and her cousin being unhappy—people who don't respect others or nature.
Works as an advice columnist and blogger.
Kathleen Wells: Hallie Bailey: Live Action Ariel.


Robert Jackson and Alexei Petrov: Kathleen's ''ex-husbands' Can be seen in photos and videos around her house. Plus, they can make an emergency guest appearance if needed. Robert is a thin, handsome version of Jack. Tall, thick black hair, blue eyes. Wears an orange PAC-Man shirt, black jeans, and old sneakers. Works in an electronic repair shop.
Clancy Brown: Multiple Roles

Alexei Petrov: Vlad's middle name is Alexei, and his mother's maiden name is Petrov. Alexei looks like his son, Charlie Masters. His hair is still in a ponytail, and he wears a green turtleneck, old jeans, and sneakers. He works in a sporting goods store.

Alexei Petrov: Kelsey Grammer: Multiple roles.

Ceci's Classmates and local kids/young adults:

Randy and Cory Martin (Twins) Martin Twins: Rhenzy Feliz: Camilo Madrigal: Encanto.
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Hair: curly dark brown hair
Eyes: Brownish-yellow
Height: medium
Personality: Randy is mellow, creative, fun-loving.
Cory: Bookish, serious, respectful.
Clothing: Randy: Black T-shirt with the emblem for "Goldie and the Bears" (This world's favorite band), ripped jeans and boots.
Cory: Long-sleeved navy blue shirt, khakis, dress shoes.
Likes: Randy: Music, gaming, motorcycles.
Cory: Studying, computers, puzzles.
Dislikes: Randy: classical music and killjoys.
Cory: slackers and disorder.


Garth Hayes: Class Treasurer.
Age: 16
Hair: messy auburn
Eyes: Brown
Height: Tall
Personality: gentlemen-like, protective, loyal, intelligent.
Clothes: Brown and red plaid shirt, black jeans, and sneakers
Likes: Math, hard work, his girlfriend, horses.
Dislikes: Kids teasing him, cheaters, rudeness.
VA: Will Friedle, Eric Mathews, Terry McGinnis, Ron Stoppable.

Originally from Nashville. His family moved to Peace Valley to be closer to his grandparents. His mom is the president of the local bank. His dad works as a vet.


Wendell Hilton (Formally Wendy Hilton)
Age: 16
Hair: medium-length blond
Eyes: Bright green
Height: Medium
Personality: shy, kindhearted, eager to learn, respectful.
Clothing: Black cat hoodie, jeans, sneakers
Likes: Jami, acting, reading books, cats.
Dislikes: Those who hate the LGBTQ. Bullies are people who can't accept him for who he is.
Ben Savage: Cory Mathews,

Originally from Minneapolis. His family moved to Peace Valley for a fresh start after he transition. His mother is a social worker, and his father works at a sporting goods store.


Lyndsay Feng: Irma Edmond's' biracial, autistic niece:
Age: 14
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Heterochromia eyes
Height: taller then average
Personality: Bubbly, friendly, and a bit eccentric.
Clothing: gray and maroon jacket, matching fingerless gloves, and stockings. Maroon skirt and a belly shirt. Large hoop earrings, braces, pilot goggles, sneakers.
Likes: Making friends, fashion design, flying, being unique
Dislikes: Being bullied, her father being away, racism.
Mother: Fay is a literary agent, and father, Chen, is in the Air Force.
Lyndsay Feng: Katie Leung: Cho Chang: Harry Potter Films.


Kati Zografo is the secretary and runs the school's blog. Biracial. Their mother is Chippewa, and her father is Greek.
Age: 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: Tall
Personality: Studious, eager to learn, traditional, caring, and assertive.
Clothes: Leather jacket, blue turtleneck, jeans, sneakers.
Likes: her heritage, journalism, her boyfriend, acceptance. Being multilingual.
Dislikes: Racism, slackers, misrepresentation.
Irene Bedard: Disney's Pocahontas.

Mom helps teach children about their heritage. Father works on the city council.


Bonnie Storm: Co-Cheerleader Captain.

Age: 16
Hair: Curly Blonde hair, single braid, flower barrette.
Eyes: Bright blue.
Height: Tall and voluptuous.
Personality: Vain, materialistic, shallow, insensitive.
Clothes: Pink sleeveless shirt with a butterfly, pink and blue fingerless gloves, skinny jeans, sneakers.
Likes: Being popular, her beauty, putting down others
Dislikes: Studying, the Buttercups, and being reprimanded for her behavior.
VA: Kristen Storms: Zenon, Bonnie Rockwell

Mother leads the local Buttercup troop. Father is the co-owner of Waverly Gyros. Has a little sister.


Diego Cazador

Age: 16

Hair: Blackish blue

Eyes: Hidden behind blue-tinted sunglasses.

Height: Tall

Personality: Deigo: Shy, insecure, and has self-esteem issues. Blue Baron is confident and outspoken. He's also Latino.

Clothes: Bright purple shirt with a vivid blue vest, purple fingerless gloves, jeans, and blue boots.

Likes: Ceci, ghost hunting, his family.

Dislikes: Ghosts, especially Spirit, and being teased.

Hector Elizondo- Zafiro- Gargoyles episode the Green Mayan Clan

Valerie's counterpart in this world is Diego, known as the Blue Baron, or "Blue," and he has an armored suit, metal glider wings, and ghost weapons that are black and blue. Tentatively, he secretly got this from his dad's company, similar to Axiom. He's been Ceci's crush for a while, so it's a complex situation, like with Danny and Valerie. He's viewed as a loser at their school. He's also Latino.


Aurelia Angelique Walker: Tara Strong

Age: 13

Hair: Slivery Blond

Eyes: Bright Green

Height: Average

Personality: Intelligent, empathetic, confident, generous, and compassionate.

Clothes: Light blue long-sleeve shirt, dark blue mini skirt, black platform sandals. Silver and blue accessories

Likes: Her boyfriend Charlie, studying, volunteer work, ballet, and her cat.

Dislikes: Bullies, animal abuse, greed, cheaters, not getting to spend time with her boyfriend.


Buttercups is the local Girl Scout troop. Felicity Masters, Danika Duquense, Connie Storms, Ashley, and Megan Ramsey comprise the current group. Bonnie and Connie's mother, Claire, is the troop leader.

Waverly High Teachers:

Mrs. Candace Edwards: Kelly Ripa: Rocky Ballantine, aka Batwoman Mystery of the Batwoman. She also voices her sisters, Carrie and Connie.
-shoulder-length brown hair, usually up in a bun, glasses, brown eyes, fair skin
-middle-aged (~35?)
-commonly wears cardigans
-English teacher
-exclaims book titles
-well-liked and popular teacher (partly because she always manages to make assignments and lessons fun and is understanding and helpful to students who are struggling)
-extroverted, talkative, charming.

She's one of three identical triplets who married another set of identical triplets. Each has a five-year-old daughter and will soon give birth to sons. Her sisters are the primary teachers for the younger kids. In contrast, their husbands are each school's band teachers.

Candice and her sisters Carrie and Connie are identical triplets. Charlie's teacher is Carrie Edwards at Avalon Jr. High, and Felicity's is Connie Edwards at Glinda Elementary. The Edward sisters look exactly alike. Only their different glasses and clothing can tell them apart.


Mr. Tony Edwards: Jamie Fox. He also voices his brothers Travis and Trevor. Tony, Travis, and Trevor are also identical triplets. They're 6'1, extremely fit, tan-skinned, short auburn hair, teal eyes, freckles, and glasses. They dress in different colored dress shirts and black dress pants. To tell them apart? Different shirt and tie colors, glasses, and hats. Exclaim classical composers' names. She is punctual, patient, and respectable.

Principal Yasmine Ricardez: A Mexican-American woman. Has a good heart and treats everyone fairly and equally. She runs a tight ship with her school but does care deeply for her staff and students. Mrs. Yasmine Rodriguez: Horangi21


Junior Class Political Party

Class President: Cory Martin

VP: Ceci Masters

Secretary: Kati Zografos: Half Native American and Half Greek. Resembles her Native American mother. Also editor of the school paper. Dreams of being a journalist. She can speak English, Greek, and her native tribe perfectly.

Treasurer: Garth Hayes, originally from Tennessee. Also part of the school academic team. And gets the best math grades. Well-mannered and a hard worker.

Ghosts of Peace Valley

Irma Edmond: The school ghost who haunts the girl's bathroom. She died due to a fatal prank.

Died at 14.
Hair: Dark Purple,
Eyes: Bright green
Height: Very short
Personality: distrustful, protective, sad.
Clothing. She has light blue skin and wears large, thick glasses, a purple sweater, a dark pink skirt, pink leg warmers, and pink shoes.
Likes: Ceci, her loving family, stopping kids from being bullied.
Dislikes: Bullies, broken promises, people invading her space.
Irma Edmond: Shirley Henderson: Moaning Myrtle: Harry Potter Films.


Carl the Mailman: Looks like a mailman version of Mr. Smee from Disney's Peter Pan. He's light blue skin, red eyes, and white hair.
Voice actor: Jeff Bennett.


Huntress: Looks like a ghost version of Lara Croft. Flaming orange hair, eyes, bone-white skin, black and green tank tops, and shorts. She rides the same motorcycle as Nick Cage from Ghost Rider. Angeline Jolie


Twiggy: She resembles a friendly version of Sarah Ravencroft from Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost. Lime green skin and eyes, midnight black hair full of twigs. Same voice actor: Tress MacNeille.


Bloodbeard: He looks like a bloodstained version of Disney Captain Hook. Only his hair is blood, his eyes are blood red, and his skin is grayish-blue. Same voice actor: Corey Burton


The White Lady: She looks like she does around the world

Human Foe:

Name: Lady Belladonna. Female counterpart to Freakshow

Appearance: Tall, alluring young woman with long golden blond hair and striking blue eyes. She wears midnight blue robes and an amulet known as the Seal of Titania.

She is a distant descendant of the Queen of the Fay. The Seal is a family heirloom to help her descendants channel their foremother's magic. But it has limits as the power of the Seal can only be used for twenty minutes, or you risk burning out your life force.

She works as a fortune teller in the Carnival of Doom. Her good looks and subtle use of magic help her greatly when working. Besides the twenty-minute use of the Seal, because she's got Fay blood in her, she's vulnerable to iron. Like other Fay, an iron bell could cost them their lives.

Her voice actress is Kate Mulgrew, who voiced Queen Titania on Gargoyles.

Information from Specter14 about Jack Inferno, halfa Jack!

-HUMAN NAME Jack Fenton


-GENDER male

-SPECIES half-ghost

-AGE ~40

-ORIENTATION heteroromantic ace

-HEIGHT 6'5"


-science, engineering, and technology

-creating things

-helping people



-people who are rude for no reason


-unintentionally hurting others

-when an invention doesn't work or gets broken


-Standard ghost powers (flight, invisibility, intangibility, ghost rays, ghost shield, overshadowing, etc.), ghost sense, enhanced strength, healing factor, and increased agility. Ectoplasm energy manipulation (beams, shields, orbs, etc.), duplication, telekinesis, creating ghost portals, control over the weather, creating raging infernos (pyrokinesis.)

And finally, our mysterious antagonist! Designed by the both of us :)

Name: Paradox

Gender: Demiboy (he/they)
Outfit: clothes upgrade that's a lot less like the other Ancients' clothing (now looks like a black and cyan cyberpunk space suit with a visor/helmet covering his face)

Special iUniques taken away by the ancients.

Abilities: can create portals to anywhere in space, can harness the power of space (like stars forming/exploding, black holes, etc.)

Personality: still quiet but a lot more confident.

Worlds Collide - Kelseyalicia - Danny Phantom [Archive of Our Own] (2024)
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