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DIAMOND KSh 949,000 Sinotruk Howo 6X4 Sinotruk howo for salerunning conditionsold as is where istruck has valid inspection and speed... Used Embakasi
VIP GOLD KSh 1,050,000 Very Clean Isuzu NKR Truck 2002 Model Accident free, original paint, one owner since new, clean interior, tyres are all new, engine... Used Thome / Nairobi
DIAMOND KSh 949,000 Sinotruk Howo 6X4 Sinotruk howo for salerunning conditionsold as is where istruck has valid inspection and speed... Used Embakasi
KSh 600,000 Mitsubishi Canter Well maintained Mitsubishi Canter.Documents are ready.Viewing in our showroom.Financing accepted Used Runda
KSh 2,580,000 Selling Toyota Dyna Wide 3tonne Diesel Selling Toyota Dyna Long Chassis (15Ft) Brand New Kilimani
ENTERPRISE KSh 2,300,000 Tata Tipper. Extremely clean.Accident free.Well maintained.Documents are ready.Buy and drive.Financing... Used Runda
ENTERPRISE KSh 2,850,000 Isuzu Elf With 2016 White Isuzu ELF with electronically operated back loader rampFreshly importedwell maintained Brand New Runda
Popular ENTERPRISE KSh 990,000 Toyota Dyna Refrigerator Refrigerated truck.Vehicle in excellent condition.Price is slightly negotiable. Used Runda
KSh 1,800,000 Mercedes Atego 815 Truck The 2006 Mercedes Atego 815 Lorry/Truck is a reliable and efficient commercial vehicle, equipped... Used Mombasa Road
KSh 2,790,000 Selling Toyota Toyoace Cream 2017 Selling Toyota Toyoace 2017 Cream in Colour Brand New Kilimani
ENTERPRISE KSh 1,850,000 2012 Ashok Leyland Extremely cleanWell maintainedBuy and drive Used Runda
KSh 2,080,000 Toyota Dyna 2017 With Double Wheel Selling this Toyota Dyna 2015 We accept Cash,Hire Purchase and Trade-In Brand New Kilimani
DIAMOND KSh 1,400,000 Mitsubishi Canter Mitsubishi canterAccident freeDiesel manualMust see Used Westlands
KSh 6,100,000 Howo NX Prime Mover 2024 Model Howo NX Prime Mover - 30% deposit ,clear balance in 1 year (12 months)zero mileage trailer, 6x412... Brand New Nairobi Central
VIP GOLD KSh 2,000,000 Isuzu NKR Lorry Isuzu Nkr,yom 2017 model,local aasembled ,manual diesel,BANK FINANCING ACCEPTED,KSH 2,000,000 Used Komarock
KSh 750,000 Mitsubishi Canter In perfect condition Used Kayole
KSh 2,300,000 Selling Toyota Dyna Freezer (-22•c) SellingToyota Dyna freezer not used Locally Freezer temperature can go upto -22•c Used Kilimani
KSh 2,680,000 Selling White Toyota Dyna 3000cc Automatic Selling 4000Cc Toyota Dyna automatic Brand New Kilimani
ENTERPRISE KSh 2,500,000 2017 Fuso Canter Fresh importNot registeredExtremely clean unit Used Runda
Verified ID KSh 1,600,000 NQR 33 Seater Matatu ISUZU NQR Quick Sale2014 Model 1,600,000/=Locally assembledEngine and gearbox 100% intact, 33... Used Nairobi Central
Trucks & Trailers in Nairobi for sale ▷ Price on (2024)
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