(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2024)

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“Everyone take your seat and quiet down. I have an announcement,” the teacher said as she walked into the classroom.

Once everyone was in their seats she pulled out a flier that had the words, “Hero Festival” on it. “I’m sure most of you know what the Hero Festival is and for those of you who don't, it's a hero-themed festival. Every year one homeroom from each school in Mobotropolis is chosen to participate in this festival to showcase heroes. Our class has been chosen for this great honor.”

By now everyone started talking in excitement.

Sonic noticed that Amy seemed to be trying hard not to jump out of her seat. He wondered if this was what she had been so excited about over the weekend. He then noticed that she had a pink book on her desk and he recognized that it was her drawing book.

“Now we have been asked to do a show so I need suggestions of what kind of performance.”

“A play!” One student yelled out.

“A dance!” Another said.

“A band performance!”

“A fashion show!” Amy cried. A few students looked at her.

‘What? That’s a terrible idea!” The student who suggested a band performance cried.

Amy stood up and turned around, ready to yell at him before being cut off by Aqua. “It’s way better than your idea.”

“Excuse me?” The student asked her.

She turned around in her seat and said, “The whole class is meant to participate in this show, how do you know that everyone in here can play an instrument? It’s the same with the other two suggestions, not everyone knows how to dance and how can you include 30 people in one 30-minute play? But a fashion show allows everyone to be in it and all they have to do is dress up, smile, and walk down a catwalk.”

Everyone stared in silence at her.

“Um anyway all of your suggestions are good and now we will take a vote,” the teacher said, drawing the attention back to her as Amy sat down. She glanced over at Aqua, who caught her eye and smiled at her.

(Play: Shimmer, Shine! Pretty Cure! - Happy Go Lucky! Dokidoki! PreCure!)

“Now I’ll announce the results of the class vote,” the teacher said as she held the card with the numbers. “4 votes for a band performance, 6 votes for a dance, another 6 votes for a play, and 14 votes for a fashion show!”

Everyone started cheering while Amy looked about ready to burst.

“So what should the theme of the show be?” Rouge asked.

“Uh, it’s the heroes' festival?” A student told her.

She glared at him, “I mean what kind of hero? The festival is not only for fictional heroes but also real-world heroes, so what kind are we doing?”

“I was thinking Pretty Cure,” Amy said as she stood up, her drawing book in hand.

“What? No way that’s too girly,” the band student yelled once more.

“Um, are you forgetting that there are three male Cures?” Another female student spoke up.

“There are 13 boys in this class, are we all supposed to dress up as one of the three male Cures?”

“No, I have an id-” Amy was cut off as the class started fighting. She got angry and slammed her fist on her desk. It startled everyone who looked at her as she smiled happily while her desk had a small dent in it.

“I wouldn’t have suggested the idea if I didn’t have some idea of how it would go, also I’m aware of the fact that most of the Cures are girls, I have an idea for that,” Amy said before sighing and walking up to the front of the class and opened her drawing book.

The teacher stared at it with shock, “How long have you been working on this?”

“Since the date of the festival was released,” Amy said with a smile.

“But our class was picked last week and the date of the festival was released two months ago!” The teacher cried.

“I know, I had some help in convincing the principal to choose our class, “Amy said as she looked at Blaze who smiled at her. The class looked at the two, shocked.

“Now,” Amy said, drawing their attention. “I think doing the new Cures is tacky, they’ve only been around for a month so I think representing them at the festival isn’t the best idea. What I was thinking we could do is,” she then showed her drawing book to the class, who all gasped at it. “Outfits based off of a Cure which each of us will represent. Girls will have dresses and boys will have outfits that will look like a male version of the Cure they're representing. And I plan on making each of these outfits myself!”

“What Cures are we doing, Amy,” Knuckles asked.

“I’m glad you asked. I have chosen what teams we will do and who will do which Cure,” Amy said as she walked over to her bag and picked it up. She then pulled out several folders that were either pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, red, or purple. On the front of them were people’s names.

“For the teams we'll be doing, I have chosen Doki Doki!, Suite, Fresh!, Happiness Charge!, Heartcatch!, Princess, and Smile Pretty Cure!,” Amy said before patting the stack. “Inside each of these folders is the Cure you will be, a copy of the sketch of your outfit, and a piece of paper I need you to fill out for me.”

She then looked at Sonic and pointed to the folders. He rolled his eyes but nodded before picking them up and delivering them to each student with his speed.

Amy then walked back to the front and continued talking, “You can give me that paper along with any comment or complaint you have on the outfit when you come for a measuring. Are there any questions?”

Aqua raised her hand. “Yes?”

“It’s not a question but a suggestion. I’m a part of the Princess Cures and I happen to have a puppy Flicky, can we use her in the show to represent the team’s mascot?”

“Well for that the other teams would need to have a chao or flicky posing as the mascot,” Amy said.

“Sonic, Shadow, and Silver have Chaos,” Knuckles spoke up.

“Yes I don’t know if they would be comfortable with so many people and there’s only five of them,” Sonic said.

“Well, Shadow and Silver’s can be their Cure’s team mascot. Pearl and Amber seem to really like me and Blaze, we could be the ones who go out with them,” Amy suggested.

Sonic thought about it for a moment and agreed, so did the others. “Wait, the Smile team doesn’t have a chao or flicky to act as the team’s mascot,” Rouge said.

“We could ask Cream if Cheese could do it,” Tail suggested.

Amy nodded, “I ask her when I get the chance.”

The teacher let out a laugh, “It seems you all have it planned out. Amy, if you ever need to tell the class an update on the project let me know before class so we can work out how it will be handled.”

Amy nodded.

“You may spend the rest of this class period getting everything together.”

“So Sonic, who did you get?” Tails asked when the group was heading to their next class. Amy had stopped by Vanilla’s room to ask about Cheese.

“Cure Heart,” Sonic replied with a grin. “What? I got Cure Diamond! That means we’re on the same team!”

“Amosome!” Sonic said as he and Tails high-fived. “So who did you guys get?” Sonic asked as he turned to his friends.

“Cure Passion,” Silver said.

“Cure Beat,” Shadow said.

“Cure Fortune,” Mephiles said.

“Oh, you’re not gonna be on the same team as your brother?” Rouge asked with a smile.

Mephiles shrugged, “Gonna break away at some point, and besides it’s gonna hurt Shadow more than me.”

Shadow looked at him, “The only sport we play together is basketball and we’re not that attached to each other.”

“Oh, brother how you wound me,” Mephiles said before dramatically falling into Silver’s arms. Shadow rolled his eyes.

Once Mephiles stood back up he said, “It’s fine that we’re not on the same team but I do wish I was on Silver’s team since it’s my favorite Cure Team.”

Silver seemed to blush at this, “I-it is?”

“Yep and Cure Passion is my favorite Cure as well.”

“Is that why you like Cure Moonstone so much? Because he reminds you of Cure Passion?” Rouge asked with another smile. Now it was Mephiles’ turn to blush. They all laughed.

“It seems like the two of you are very close,” Blaze said to Shadow.

“What about you? You’re a part of triplets, right? How is your relationship with your siblings?” Shadow asked her.

“We are and we get along great. They were very sad to see me leave my old school but understood why I did,” Blaze said with a smile

“So Blaze, which Cure are you?” Sonic asked her.

“Cure Moonlight,” Blaze said.

“Oh, that’s a good fit for you and Amber can be Cure Moonlight’s old partner,” Silver said.

“It’s so cool that we get to have the Chaos in the show with us,” Sonic said.

“Does that mean your Chaos is going to be Cure Heart’s partner?” Tails asked. Sonic nodded.

“Which team do you think Amy’s on?” Mephiles asked.

“Oh, she’s going to be Cure Lovely so that means Pearl will be Ribbon, “Blaze said with a smile.

“That leaves the Smile Cures for Cheese,” Tails said.

“Are any of us on that team? I'm pretty sure Cream will feel better if one of us is with him,” Silver said.

“Me and Knuckles are so he’ll be fine,” Rouge said. Knuckles to be red in the face once she said that.

“What’s wrong with him?” Shadow asked.

“It’s because he’s going to be Cure Sunny but I told him not to worry because I’ll be there with him as Cure Beauty,” Rouge said.

“It’s still embarrassing!” Knuckles yelled.

“What is?” Blaze asked.

“The outfit!”

“How? Amy said the boys would be wearing a male version of their Cure,” Mephiles said, still confused.

“Well, you see, the Smile team is actually different. Since they are based off of Fairy Tales, Amy thought it would be cute if she made the outfits based off of Fairy Tales with a small part of it representing the Cure,” Blaze explained.

“Ok, so what character are you two?” Shadow asked.

“I’m Cinderella and Knuckles is-” Rouge started but was cut off.

“Aladdin,” a voice said from behind them.

They turned and saw Amy walking toward them. “I chose Aladdin and I don’t see what the problem with that is?”

“Amy, this outfit is embarrassing,” Knuckles cried.

“Can I see it?” Sonic asked, Knuckles handed him the folder. He opened it and looked at the sketch. The others stood behind him looking at it as well. “Knuckles there is nothing wrong with this, it literally looks like an outfit straight from the Fairy Tale,” Silver said.

“Well I don’t like it,” Knuckles said, crossing his hands.

“Alright, if you can name another Fairy Tale where the main character is male, I’ll do that character,” Amy said with a smirk.

Knuckles opened his mouth to say something but was cut off, “Don’t say Peter Pan because that’s Cure March’s, and the girl I gave it to is a huge Peter Pan fan so you’re going to have to fight her for that character.”

Knuckles frowned before going back to thinking but couldn’t seem to think of one. “Uh find,” he yelled before taking the folder back.

“Great!” Amy said with joy and clapped her hands together.

She then turned to Sonic, Shadow, and Silver and said, “Can you guys bring the Chaos with you when you come to my house?”

They all nodded.

Later after getting the Chaos from the park, the boys were explaining to them what was happening.

“So we get to be in a fashion show as other Cure Faires?” Spinel asked.

“Um yeah,” Sonic said.

“So we are gonna be with complete strangers?”

“No you, Spinel, are gonna be with me as Cure Heart’s partner while Carnalen is going to be with Shadow and Turquoise with Silver. Amber’s gonna be with Blaze and Pearl will be with Amy.”

“Oh, ok that works.”

“Glad you think so.”

They were getting closer to Amy’s house now.

“Rember, only we can hear you, they can’t and they can’t know we can hear you so be quiet,” Shadow told them. They all nodded.

Silver knocked on the door and all three were pulled in quickly by Amy. “Woah Amy!

“Sorry, but I have a lot to do and need to get you guys done now!”

She then started pushing them toward her room where their other friends were waiting. “I told you we should have warned them,” Mephiles said with a smirk.

“No Tails said that, you said to let them suffer,” Rouge said from her spot on Amy’s bed. Mephiles glared at her.

“Doesn’t matter at all, we need to get to work now!” Amy cried as she pulled out her drawing book, another piece of paper and pen, and a measuring tape. “I need to get all of you done so I can do the others tomorrow and the next day.”

“Then let’s get started,” Sonic said with a smile as he walked over to her.

She smiled back.

Pearl watched and she felt something off about Amy but couldn’t tell what it was.

The festival wasn’t for another month but in that time there was a lot of work to be done.

After Amy had everyone’s measurements she got to work on making the outfits. Many of the other kids offered to help her make them since some of them knew how to sew. Blaze and Rouge offered to help her get the fabrics needed for the outfits. Aqua then offered to contact a friend of hers who makes jewelry and other accessories to make the needed items. Amy agreed after Aqua showed her some pictures of the friend’s work.

Wanting to help as well, many other students worked at getting some more money for Amy so she didn’t have to rely solely on Rouge and Blaze which she was grateful for. Her mother, Daisy Rose, offered to help with makeup and hair on the night of the show at her beauty parlor. Her father, Arthur Rose, allowed her to turn a spare room in his library into her workshop and storage. Her parents had also offered to pay for the items used to transport the outfits.

With all this help Amy couldn’t be more thankful for her parents, friends, and classmates, many of which helped her out on weekends.

Cream was more than happy to let Cheese help out as well and Cheese was excited to be in the show.

Now while those positive things were happening, the boys weren’t doing as great.

Lazuli jumps high in the air and points his wand at the Gemnik before yelling, “Lapis Lazuli Wind Shot.”

A blast of wind shot out of the wand and surrounded the Gemnik before it crystallized it in blue crystals. Lazuli landed with his back to Gemnik. He smiled before doing a pose with the wand, “Twinkle.”

The crystal shattered revealing a blue topaz heart that floated away to the person it belonged to. Starline growled, “I’ll get you next time, Pretty Cure!” He then disappeared through a portal.

The boys all sighed as they transformed back. “That’s the 9th time this week and not to mention all the other times this month,” Sonic said.

“Yeah this is getting ridiculous,” Shadow said as the other Chaos floated down to them.

“I have to agree with you on that. You may have new powers but that doesn’t mean attack twice a day,” Spinel said.

“Maybe getting another Cure will drill into his head that he’s not so great,” Amber suggested.

“Maybe,” Silver said with a sigh.

Just then Sonic’s phone started ringing. “It’s Amy, she wants all of us at the festival stage for a final practice.”

“Let’s head over there and hopefully Starline won't try anything tomorrow,” Shadow said.

They all shared a look of uneasiness with each other.

Back in the Black Crystal Empire...

The two tech mobians were at the computers with the big man standing behind them, watching. Infinite and Lien-Da were also in the room with Infinite throwing a crystal in the air and catching it and Lien-Da training with a wall. In a large crack in the wall, a green tenrec is lying in it and a blue fennec fox is sitting below her.

A portal opened up behind them and Starline jumped out, growling.

“Look who's back, Dr. Failure,” Lien-Da said with a laugh. He growled at her.

“Enough but Starline she is right, perhaps it’s time for you to let another have a turn,” the big man said as he stepped forward.

“No! I’m this close to beating those brats!” Starline yelled.

“You said that three weeks ago and here we are,” Infinite said before dodging a blast of orange power.

“You want to fight Jackal?”

“ENOUGH!!!” A voice yelled, shaking the room as a black crystal grew in the room casting the room in a dark aura. All of them bowed as a red hedgehog appeared in the crystal. “I grow tired of your failure! Get rid of those Cures and bring me their magical items!”

“Of course my lord, I will be happy to-’ Lien-Da started with a smile.

No ,” the hedgehog said in a cold tone, making Lien-Da shiver and hang her head once more. “All three of you have failed repeatedly, some more than others.”

Starline frowned in embarrassment while Lien-Da and Infinite just smirked. “I want the lazy ones to get to work,” the hedgehog said, turning to where the green tenrec and blue fennec fox were, unmoved.

The fennec fox was the one to meet his eyes. The two stared at each other for a while before the hedgehog let out a laugh. “You, go to Mobius and destroy the Cures.”

The fox stood up, “Ok.” He then disappeared through a portal as the crystal disappeared as well.

Later that night after rehearsal Amy returned to the library with Aqua who told her that the accessories had arrived and she wanted to show her them.

When they got to the library they saw that there was a large delivery truck in front of it. A large ox was talking to a pink hedgehog in front of it. There were two cars parked in the parking lot, both of their backs were wide open. An elephant and two other Modians were standing at the back of one of the cars and looking through many shipping boxes that were in the back. In the back of the other car were other boxes but they were all opened.

The elephant was the first to notice the two. “Amy, dear you’re back!”

“Hey Mom, what are you guys doing?” Amy asked as the two walked over to the group. Daisy walked away from the group and up to her daughter to talk.

“The shipment of supplies arrived and we were checking over them. Trying to make sure we got everything for tomorrow,” Daisy said with a smile before adding, “You did tell everyone to meet at my shop first for a quick head count and check, right?”

“Yep, everyone will be there tomorrow except for Sonic, Silver, Shadow, and Blaze who will be helping me move the outfits into the truck. Though Blaze will be stopping by the shop first to get a head count before coming to meet us at the library.”

Daisy clapped her hands and smiled before her ears twitched. She looked at Amy’s side bag and smiled before asking, “Amy, don't tell me you’re trying to sneak another stray into the house again?”

Amy stared at her mother in confusion before her bag started to shake. She unzipped it and Pearl’s head popped out. “Pearl! What are you doing in there?”

She reached in and took the Chaos out before turning to her mother, “Sorry Mom, this is one of the Chaos Sonic is taking care of, I don’t know how she got in my bag.”

“You should probably call Sonic and let me know you have her. Remember what happened when he thought he lost Amber?” Aqua reminded her. Amy gulped, “Yeah…”

“You call him and I’ll go check on the stuff.”

Amy nodded as she pulled out her cellphone as Aqua walked away, her eyes turned blue diamond as she walked into the library. She walked into the side room and closed the door.

She looked over and saw the outfits for tomorrow and smiled at them. She walked over to one in the front, a large pink ball gown with a white heart pattern and red, white, and pink bows that had heart charms in the middle of them.

She ran her hand along the dress and a tear fell down her cheek. She dried it, stepped back, and turned to the table behind her which had several different colored and sized boxes that had a beautiful design on the top and a name in cursive. On the top of the box pile was a simple box, squared, small, and plain bright pink.

Aqua smiled at it and picked it up, opening the box. Inside, on a purple cushion, was a smile chain necklace with a pink crystal sphere as the only thing on it. She smiled at it as it flashed pink for a minute.


Aqua quickly closed the box and looked behind her to see Amy with Pearl floating behind her. “Amy! I was just checking on the items, making sure they weren’t damaged,” Aqua said with a smile.

She then looked over at the Chao. “Wasn’t Sonic supposed to come get here and get her?”

“Yeah, but he’s busy and asked if it would be ok to leave her with me for the night. My parents are fine with it so… what’s in that box? It looks different to the others,” Amy said as she pointed to the box Aqua was holding.

Aqua smiled before handing it to her. Amy looked at it and was confused when she saw her name written on the top of it while the other boxes had the name of the Cure they were for. “I asked my friend to make it, you know, as a good luck charm.”

Amy opened it and gasped at the necklace. Aqua noticed Pearl looking at it in wonder.

“It’s beautiful, Aqua! Thank you so much!” Amy said before running up and hugging her. She hugged back and her eyes turned back to light blue.

“Well, what are you waiting for? I for one really want to see the handbag for my outfit,” Aqua said as she approached the pile.

“I thought you said you already looked at them?” Amy asked.

“Not all of them, just the small ones that only have one or two things in them,” Aqua said as she started unstacking the boxes.

“Let’s put them in piles of teams and then look at them,” Amy suggested. Aqua nodded before explaining how they were packaged. “Saphira said she packaged all the items of the outfit in one box each to keep them together and separated.”

Amy nodded and smiled as she picked up a hot pink box covered in pale pink hearts with the name Cure Lovely written in magenta ink. She opened it and found, laid out on a pink cushion, a hot pink bow with a heart charm in the middle and a pink choker with a small red bow charm dangling off of a gold chain.

“Saphira is a bit of a perfectionist so I hope the boxes aren't too much. She likes to be fancy so when I told her that we needed to know what was inside the box from the outside and to try to store more than one item in a box since if each were in their own box it would be too many boxes,” Aqua said as she picked up a large yellow box covered in pale yellow stars with the name Cure Twinkle written in orange ink.

“Wow, is that yours?” Amy asked. “That’s a pretty big box.”

Aqua laughs, “Yeah but I think Cure Princess is the biggest or should I say Cure Prince.”

Amy laughed herself as she picked up said box which had Cure Prince written on it instead of Cure Princess. “I'm pretty sure he’ll get a kick out of this,” Amy said referring to the kid who was wearing the outfit, who was a boy. “What’s in yours?”

Aqua opened her box and found, laid out on a purple cushion, a white handbag that had an orange top, a gold handle, and a white puff with a star charm on it. There was also a yellow necklace with a red gem, two fluffy white scrunchies, a white puff ball with a star charm that was the hair piece, six star-shaped hair clips, and an orange bow that had an orange heart charm in the middle with two puffs hanging under it.

“Wow that is a lot,” Amy said before picking up the bow. “This is the piece that’s supposed to go on the dress right?”

“Yeah, Saphira said she made copies of each item you asked for that would be used on an outfit to make sure it would be easy for you though she said it took her a while with the Cure Module pieces which is why she did the belt for Cure Beat for you, she also said she added something to it but wouldn’t tell me what.”

“Well then let’s find out,” Amy said as she picked up a blue box covered in dark blue music notes with the name Cure Beat written in indigo ink. When she opened it she found, laid out on a lavender cushion, mini gold heart earrings, several quill covers that looked like Cure Beat’s hairpiece, and an indigo belt with a Cure Module piece on the front and silver chains on each side.

“Wow that looks so good,” Aqua commented. Amy nodded as she closed the box and put it back in the pile. “I think Shadow will like the quill covers, don’t know how he’ll feel about the earrings though.”

“I thought he wore earrings?” Aqua asked.

“Nope, that’s his brother. Shadow used to wear them but doesn’t anymore though he will wear them occasionally and he said it would be fine if they were a part of his outfit. I’ll show him them tomorrow,” Amy said before pulling a book from her bag. She flipped to a page that had a checklist on it.

“Let’s see, we got all the accessories, Belle and her dad are coming by with the shoes in two hours, which means that all that’s left to do is put the finishing touches on the outfits which some of the others are coming over to help with and then bagging each outfit for transport which the boys and Blaze are coming over to help with tomorrow.”

“Sounds like everything is in order but mind if I stay here, to uh, you know help if you ever need it,” Aqua said, twiddling her figures.

Amy turned to her and smirked, “You want to see the shoes don't you?”

“Can you blame me? Mr. Tinker is the best shoemaker in the whole city and the fact that you managed to get him to make 30 custom shoes for this show is amazing, Amy!”

Amy laughed, “Don’t thank me, it was Belle who approached me with the offer of having her father make them.”

“How did she even hear about it?”

“She’s in the same class as Cream who was talking to her friends about the show since Cheese is in and has been helping out. She mentioned the fact that I was looking for a shoemaker to make the shoes and Belle offered to ask her father and well here we are,” Amy said with a smile. “I don’t mind if you stay, you might have to since you’re the only one who can get in contact with Saphira if there is a problem.”

“Yeah sorry about that, she’s a very private person and-” Aqua started but was cut off by Amy who held up her hands, “No, no it’s fine. Everything worked out didn’t it?”

“Yeah I guess so and I need to call her back anyway. She wanted to know what you thought.”

“Yeah um, when you do that can you ask where the items for the Chaos and your Flicky are? I didn’t see them in any of the piles,” Amy asked, looking at the boxes.

“What? That can’t be right. I know you sent it. Heck, I opened the box and tried the crown and scarf on Agate so I know that it got- Oh, man I left the box at home!” Aqua yelled with horror. “I forgot to put the box back with the others before I came over to your house.”

“Aqua it’s ok, it’s at your place and you can just bring it with you tomorrow,” Amy said, trying to calm the girl.

“Yeah, but I really wanted you to see the items. The silver ornament for Amber is so cool and don’t worry Saphira said she had the sharpness dulled out and I checked because it still looks sharp. It’s pretty cool and so is the brooch.”

“She did send the collar for Carnialin, right?”

“Yep, and your mother got the paint for the Chaos?”

“Yeah,” Amy said with a smile.

“Amy! Your friends are here!” Daisy yelled from the first floor.

“Well, we better get to work.”

Aqua nodded.

Pearl was watching from her spot on the table near the boxes and stared at Amy with stars in her eyes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making sure everything was in order. Amy and the others who had shown up went through each box, they had decided to leave any jewelry or headpieces in the boxes and take the stuff that wasn’t that which was the extra part of the outfit or something that needed to be sewn on out and get those on the outfit.

Cure Heart’s box was magenta with pink hearts outlined in white on the box and her name written in pink ink. Inside, laid out on a pale blue cushion, is a red ribbon-like sash with a magenta heart brooch outlined in white and two metal hair clips that looked like the top of a castle chess piece. The hair clips were left in the box and the sash was placed on the mannequin.

Cure Diamond’s box was light blue with blue diamonds outlined in gold on the box and her name written in blue ink. Inside, laid out on a light indigo cushion, is a light blue sash with gold accents and a blue diamond brooch also outlined in gold. There are also two golden hair clasp with a blue diamond in it. The clasps were for Tails’ tails and were left in the box while the sash was placed on the mannequin.

Cure Rosetta’s box was yellow with light green clovers on the box and her name written in golden ink. Inside, laid out on a white cushion, is a pair of clover earrings and two hair pieces that have lily flowers and leaves. The items were kept in the box.

Cure Sword’s box was purple with pale purple spades on the box and her name written in indigo ink. Inside, laid out on a lilac cushion, is a purple heart clip outlined in white, a pair of purple spade earrings, and a purple spade brooch outlined in white with lilac spade-shaped bows hanging under it. There were also 6 lilac bows with small purple spade charms on them in the box. The spade charms were removed from the box and sewn onto the dress while the other items remained in the box.

Cure Ace’s box was red with golden “A”s on the box and her name written in bright red ink. Inside, laid out on a pale pink cushion, is a large red metal co*cker outlined in gold with a red gem A hanging under it. Cure Ace’s outfit would be worn by a male student and was inspired by armor but the outfit itself wasn’t made of metal at all, it just looked like that, same with the boots. The only metal piece of the outfit was the choker which resembled Cure Ace’s necklace but with a collar look to it.

Cure Melody’s box was magenta with white music notes on the box and her name written in pink ink. Inside, laid out on a light pink cushion, is a Cure Module with a magenta knotted bow under it. The item was removed from the box and sewn onto the front of the outfit.

Cure Rhythm’s box was white with magenta music notes on the box and her name written in pale pink ink. Inside, laid out on a pink cushion, is a Cure Module on a light pink bow with small white polka dots on it and a large light blue hair bow with small white polka dots as well. The hair bow was left in the box and the light blue bow sewn onto the dress.

Cure Muse’s box was yellow with orange music notes on the box and her name written in golden ink. Inside, laid out on a pale yellow cushion, is a smaller version of a Cure Module on a bright yellow bow and a golden crown. The crown was left in the box and the bow was sewn onto the dress.

The Fresh Cure’s outfits were based on idols’ outfits so the majority of the students wearing the outfits are girls with Silver being the only boy in the group though his outfit is more masculine and has shorts instead of a shirt. The outfits themselves are based off of the Cure’s outfits. Saphira sent a Fresh Clover patch in each box for Amy to sew to the outfit as well as the hairpiece for each outfit. Cure Peach’s box was pink with bright pink clovers on the box and her name written in hot pink ink. Inside, laid out on a white cushion, are two hair pieces that have two hot pink hearts with two chains hanging from them. Cure Berry’s box was blue with dark blue clovers on the box and her name written in pale blue ink. Inside, laid out on a lavender cushion, is a white headband with a blue heart on the side of it that has two chains hanging from it. Cure Pine’s box was yellow with orange clovers on the box and her name written in golden ink. Inside, laid out on a pastel yellow cushion, is a yellow heart clip with a yellow ribbon behind it and two chains hanging from it. Cure Passion’s box was red with dark maroon clovers on the box and her name written in black ink. Inside, laid out on a light pink cushion, is a large red heart with a white wing behind it to the left with two chains hanging off it.

Cure Princess’s box was blue with gold crowns on the box and the name Cure Prince written in light blue ink. Inside, laid out on a pastel blue cushion, is a gold heart brooch with a short blue and white tie-like ribbon, a blue bard hat with a golden crown on the front, a fake model of the LovePreBrace, and the bag for the PreChanMirror in the shape of a scabbard. The brooch was removed from the box and placed on the vest of the outfit while the other items were left in the box.

Cure Honey’s box was orange with goldenrod clovers on the box and her name written in yellow ink. Inside, laid out on a pale chiffon cushion, is a gold heart brooch with a long orange and white tie-like ribbon and the bag for the PreChanMirror. The brooch was removed from the box and placed on the mannequin while the bag was left in the box.

Cure Fortune’s box was purple with yellow stars on the box and her name written in violet ink. Inside, laid out on a bright lavender cushion, is a gold heart brooch with two pastel indigo and white ribbons, gold star earrings, and a purple gem hair clip with pale lilac fabric behind it. The brooch was removed from the box and placed on the vest of the outfit while the other items were left in the box.

Cure Blossom’s box was pink with Cherry blossoms trees with falling petals on the box and her name written in hot pink ink. Inside, laid out on a bright pink cushion, is a hot pink ribbon with a silver and cyan heart brooch in the center and a hot pink bow adorned by a white and pink flower. There were also two green heart brooches outlined in gold. The hair bow was left in the box and the other items were sewn on the dress.

Cure Marine’s box was blue with Daisies floating on seawater on the box and her name written in dark blue ink. Inside, laid out on a sky blue cushion, is a silver and cyan heart brooch on a very loose tie. The item was removed from the box and placed onto a mannequin.

Cure Sunshine’s box was yellow with Sunflowers in a sunny field on the box and her name written in gold ink. Inside, laid out on an orange cushion, is a pair of sunflower earrings, a brown sun hat with a sunflower pattern on the bottom rim, and a light brown and pale yellow scarf adorned by a silver and cyan heart brooch. The hat and earrings were left in the box and the scarf placed on the mannequin.

For Cure Moonlight’s outfit, when Amy had first started sketching the outfit it had been a dress but Blaze, who was helping her get the class picked to represent the school, asked if she could do a male version of it for her to wear. She explained that she wasn’t very comfortable in a large puffy dress. Amy agreed. Cure Moonlight’s box was purple with purple Roses in a moonlit field on the box and her name written in silver ink. Inside, laid out on a lavender cushion, is a silver cape with white fur covering the top of it and a silver and cyan heart brooch on an indigo ribbon on the right side of the cape. The cape was kept in the box.

Cure Flora’s box was pink with flowers on the box and her name written in light pink ink. Inside, laid out on a rosy pink cushion, is a mauve ribbon with a gold sphere brooch and a magenta collar with a flower on it that has more ribbon hanging from it. Both items were removed from the box and sewn onto the outfit.

Cure Mermaid’s box was aqua blue with shells and pearls on the box and her name written in teal ink. Inside, laid out on an ocean blue cushion, is a sky blue and white scalloped scarf, held together by a large gold sphere brooch that has a string of pearls hanging from it. There are also pearl earrings, a large string of pearls, and a dark blue bandana with a yellow wave pattern and a pink clam on the left side that has pearl blue fabric attached to it. The earrings and bandana were left in the box, the scarf was placed on the mannequin, and the string of pearls sewn onto the pants of the outfit.

Cure Scarlet’s box was red with flames on the box and her name written in gold ink. Inside, laid out on a light pink cushion, is a gold sphere brooch and a white crown with a turquoise heart gem. The crown was left in the box and the brooch sewn onto the belt-like part of the dress.

Cure Happy’s box was pink with chibi wings on the box and her name written in dark pink ink. Inside, laid out on a magenta cushion, is a light blue hair bow with an apple in the middle and chibi wings behind it connected to the bow.

Cure Sunny’s box was orange with flames on the box and her name written in burnt orange ink. Inside, laid out on a pale yellow cushion, is a red gem outlined in gold that has a large white feather attached to it.

Cure Peace’s box was yellow with lighting on the box and her name written in gold ink. Inside, laid out on a light yellow cushion, is a white tiara clip with a yellow gem and two wings.

Cure March’s box was green with green leaves being swept away in the wind on the box and her name written in dark green ink. Inside, laid out on a right green cushion, is a small Peter Pan hat that has a gold crown design on the front and a white feather attached to the brim of the hat.

Cure Beauty’s box was blue with ice on the box and her name written in light blue ink. Inside, laid out on a vibrant blue cushion, is a gold crown and two white wing clips.

They also placed some of the extra pieces of the outfits Amy had made into the boxes as well.

In the middle of them finishing up the outfits Belle and her father arrived with all the shoes which had each been placed into their own box which had the name of the Cure on top of it.

Amy had also called everyone in the class over so they could do one last fitting but also to see the whole outfit together. All in all, they looked really good.

Amy sighed as she snapped out of her thoughts. It was past midnight and she was in her room, feeling nervous about tomorrow. She decided to go check on the outfits one last time.

She walked out of her room and headed for the bowl of keys that held the library key. Their house was right next to the library actually.

As she walked out of the house in her nightgown she didn’t notice the little Chaos following her. Even though Sonic had come over he had insisted that Pearl stay with Amy overnight as some form of comfort. Silver and Shadow had agreed.

She didn’t understand why though but the three of them had been acting weird ever since they saw the necklace that Aqua had given her.

Amy unlocked the door of the library and softly closed the door, not noticing Pearl slipped in, and grabbed a lantern before walking up the stairs to the room that held her designs. Once she entered the room which was lined with windows on one wall so moonlight bathed the room in a soft glow allowing anyone to see the continents of the room. Amy put the lantern down and began to walk around the room checking each outfit for even the tiniest flaw.

She frowned when she saw that one of the under layers of a dress was a bit longer than the top layer allowing people to see it but only if they looked really close.

She turned around and started walking to the table where a pair of scissors sat. As she made a move to pick them up her eye the shine of a gem from one of the half-open boxes on the table. Putting the scissors down she walked over to the box and lifted the lid to find the shoes for Aqua’s outfit which had small gold crystal bead chains on it.

She smiled at it before looking over at the other boxes as tears started to fall down her face. Pearl then floated down to her and attempted to wipe away her tears which startled her.

“Oh, Pearl!” Amy said before starting to wipe her tears away. “Did you follow me here?”

The Chaos started at her with worry before pointing at her tears and making a noise.

“Oh, don’t worry I’m fine, these aren't sad tears, they’re happy tears. You see…” Amy started before looking back at the box and lifted the shoes out of the box. “-this is my first show, the first time my designs are seen by a large group of people publicly and it means a lot to me. Not just because it’s my first show but because of all the help I’ve received. As I look around at everything in this room I’m reminded of everything my family, friends, classmates, and so many other people have done for me.”

“Chao?” Pearl said, tilted her head, sensing something deep within Amy.

Amy put the shoes back in the box and turned to the Chao, “Even you. I’m grateful for all the help you’ve given me. All the support as well.”

Pearl smiled at her and Amy smiled back.

“Come on, let’s head back to the house and get some sleep. We’ve got a big day ahead of us!”

The blue Fennec Fox stood on a building watching as vendors started to set up shop at the festival. He frowned before jumping into the alley next to the building and then into the sewer.

He got on his knees in front of the water and closed his eyes. He used the water to see around town, trying to find the Cures. When he found them he smiled and opened his eyes which glowed before a large wave of water swirled around him. It started to become more clearer, cleaner, before going into the pack on his back. Several water tentacles came out of the back.

He then used them to shoot himself out of the sewer and catapult off the building, heading towards Amy’s.

He landed with a large crash in the parking lot of the library. Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and the Chaos rushed to the scene.

They watched as dust and smoke rose from the crater before two water tentacles grabbed onto the edge and launched the fox out of the hole. He landed in front of them and grinned when he saw them. “Ah, the famous Pretty Cure.”

The boys growled before Sonic yelled, “Who are you?”

“My name is Kitsunami, I work for Dr. Starline who has gotten in trouble with the boss and is suspended for a while.”

At that moment Arthur came running out of the library. “What’s going on here?”

Kitsunami glanced at the hedgehog and his Negative Stone, an amethyst, let out a pulse. Kitsunami held it up and smiled once more. “What’s going on is that you have a regret in your heart and I plan on using that!”

He then held up the dark-colored amethyst. A black ball of energy shot out of it at Authur’s heart. He screamed before a shining heart-cut amethyst came out of his chest leaving a heart-shaped hole before he was crystallized in black crystal.

“Daddy!” Amy yelled as she came around the side of the building.

“Mr. Rose!” The boys yelled.

Kitsunami laughed as the heart floated over to him. He held the amethyst up to it and a strike of black lightning passed between them before the heart turned black.

He then held the heart in front of him and yelled, “Come out, my Gemnik. Rid this world of all the sparkling and twinkling.”

The heart glowed before turning into a giant black crystal before shattering to reveal a giant black crystal hedgehog with red eyes, a pair of glasses on, and a large box in its hand.

“Spinel/Carnelian/Turquoise,” the boys yell as they take out their items. The Chaos nod as their mark/collar glows and Spinel turns into the Jewelry Commune.

Sonic puts the Cure Jewel on the medallion and shouts, "Pretty Cure, Sparkle!" He wrote the letters S-P-A-R-K-L-E on the screen and called out the letters as he did, "S-P-A-R-K-L-E!"

The middle heart flashes and says, “Shimmer.” It flashes a second time and says, “Shine.” Then a winged arrow with a blue pear-cut gem in the lower corner came out of the outer heart and the transformation began.

He is seen floating with his body, except his head, glowing with gold light. Then his quills started to glow before they became longer. He closes his eyes as a blue pear-cut gem clip with a feather appears on his left ear. The gold light around his body popped as a blue dress separated, a torso crop top with white trims appeared in a cross position (X) attached by an angel winged-shoulder strap with shoulder sleeves with white trims and a blue flower petalled spiked styled skirt with the second layer a lighter blue shade color appeared with white trims around his waist. The Jewelry Commune, now in a little bag attached itself to the dress. A blue pear-cut gem brooch appeared next. Then blue elbow sleeves covering most of his peach-colored arms with white gloves appeared. He then clicked his feet together as his sneakers reappeared with the only difference being that the soles underneath were now heels. The lights swirled around him, stopping on his back below his back quills as it transformed into a bow, the same color as the second layer of his skirt. His outfit color is two different shades of blue with white as long ribbons flow from the bow completing it. He then spun around, jumped on the ground, and spun one more time.

"Sparkling and Twinkling, Strength and Courage, Cure Lazuli!" Sonic yelled as he made the finishing pose.

Shadow takes the Jewelry Module as it appears from Carnelian’s collar. He put the Fairy Jewel in the slot and held the Jewelry Module over his head as his black fur turned galaxy blue. He then shouts, "Pretty Cure, Sparkle!" Before drawing a round brilliant-cut gem in the air in front of him and holding the Jewelry Module out in front of him as the Fairy Jewel and middle glow. He then presses the bottom button.

The middle of the module made a spinning motion and as it got faster the Fairy Jewel locked into place. The small white heart-cut gem turns to a garnet as the middle of the Jewelry Module turns gold and a g-clef comes out as the transformation begins.

Red ribbons wrap around his body before disappearing to reveal a black dress with the top only covering half of his side with a red strap making a cross position holding it together. The strap that is attached to the top is a red angel winged-shoulder strap with shoulder sleeves with white trims and a black flower petalled spiked styled skirt with the second layer a white shade color appeared with red trims around his waist. Two red ribbons fly forward and land on the center of his top, leaving behind a red round brilliant-cut gem brooch. The ribbons then stop on his back below his quills as they transform into a black bow. A red round brilliant-cut gem hair accessory with red feathers comes flying before landing on his ear before one of the feathers spins around to match the other. Riddons wrap around his arms before his gloves reappear but they now have a sleeve that goes to his elbow. Riddons then wrapped around his feet before his shoes reappeared, the only difference was the soles underneath were now heels and there were now socks that went up to his elbow.

He then made a guitar motion before posing, "Sparkling and Twinkling, Love and Friendship, Cure Garnet!"

Silver puts the silver key in the top and turns it. The Jewel Linkrun opens and Silver touches the Moonstone and the screen glows turquoise.

Silver's whole body turns a sparkly light blue as he shouts, "Pretty Cure, Sparkle!" He puts his foot down and shouts, "Shimmer!" He spins before sinking down into water as the transformation begins.

A turquoise cabochon-cut gem brooch appeared first followed by the dress. The top part was white with a circle with a line on the end of it. The skirt was a flower petalled spiked styled skirt with the first layer white and the second layer turquoise color with a white trim around his waist. A turquoise bow appeared on his back with long ribbons. His shoes and gloves reappeared, the only difference of his shoes was the soles underneath were now heels. A keychain with a powder blue key appeared on the corner of the Jewel Linkrun before it went into a little bag and attached itself to the dress. Next two turquoise cabochon-cut gem clips with turquoise feathers on top and a piece of turquoise fabric on the bottom appeared on either side of his head. Then his two back quills grow longer.

Silver then jumped backward before jumping out of the water and striking a pose. “Sparkling and Twinkling, Intuition and Wisdom, Cure Moonstone!"

The boys pose and Amy is left with her mouth hanging open. "I am known for stopping evil beings from stealing Intuition and Wisdom from the lives of innocents...I am Cure Moonstone!”


The boys look over in Amy’s direction with wide eyes.

“Oh, looks like your secret is relieved, not that I care,” Kitsunami said. “Gemnik crush them!”

"Gemnik!" It screeched before opening its book, which glowed before miniature Gemniks appeared in front of him that looked like different Fairy Tale characters. They growled before running forward to attack them.

The boys jump out of the way. “Lazuli, our weapons?” Garnet calls out.

“On it,” Lazuli shouted as his brooch shone white once more and three glowing balls came out. They pop to reveal their weapons. Each takes their weapon in hand, Moonstone’s turns into his ax.

As they begin to fight Lazuli hears a yell. He looks over to see a dog Gemnik dressed like Cinderella heading for Amy. “Amy!” He yelled before jumping in front of her and holding his wand out, “Wind Blast.” A blast of wind shot out of the wand and blew her back.

“Sonic? What’s going on? Your Cure Lazuli?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, and I promise to explain it later but right now you need to get away from here. Take Amber and Pearl and just let us handle this.”

Amy nods before gasping in shock when he is suddenly picked up and flies up into the air. “Sonic!” Kitsunami looks at her and smiles.

Lazuli tries to get out of whatever is carrying him’s grip but can’t. Once he was high in the air, he saw that there was another dog Gemnik but this one was dressed like Peter Pan. Just then Lazuli found that it was a shadow that was carrying him.

Lazuli started to struggle in the shadow’s grasp before taking out his wand. He held it up and shouted, “Wind Blast.” It blasted the shadow with a large amount of wind. It let go of him and he started falling down to Earth.

He waved the wand and a whirlwind of wind surrounded him, allowing him to land on the ground.

Amy smiled before turning around to go back inside with the other Chaos but Kitsunami appeared in front of her. “Hello there pink hedgehog.” Amy gasped and started to back away.

“Why don’t you be a good girl and give me those Chaos?”

Amy held Pearl and Amber close to her and glared at him. She was about to yell at him when she heard a shout and turned to see that a large black crystal snake was coiled around Moonstone, a large crystal wolf was holding Garnet down on the ground, who was covered in claw marks, and Lazuli who was tied up by multiple crystal animals wearing lost boy outfits while the dark Peter Pan and his shadow floated in the air watching.

“Sonic! Shadow! Silver!” Amy yelled before a water tentacle wrapped around her and threw her a few feet away on the ground causing her to let go of the Chaos.

“Amy!” The boys yelled.

Amy hesitantly got up and saw that Kitsunami had both Chaos wrapped up in one of his tentacles. “Let go of them!” Amy yelled.

“Mm, no,” Kitsunami said before blasting water at her which sent her into a light pole.

Kitsunami laughed again before looking behind him at the racks of bagged-up clothing, he couldn’t see what was inside. The boxes were already inside the truck but he couldn’t see that either. “What do we have here?”

“Don’t touch that! That’s very special to Amy and if you touch that you’ll make her sad,” Pearl yelled at him.

“Oh, my dear Chaos, that’s what we do,” Kitsunami said before blasting water at the racks, causing all of them to fall to the ground soaking wet.

“NO!” Lazuli, Garnet, Moonstone, and the Chaos yelled. Pearl started to tear up. Kitsunami laughed before looking at Amy, who stared in horror at the racks tipped over and in water puddles.

“What’s wrong, hedgehog? Feeling sad?” Kitsunami asked with a laugh. “Lost your father and you’re precious, unless clothing.”

She looked down and clenched her fist.

“You…YOU ASSHOLE!!!” Amy screamed, startling all of them. “Do you have any idea how much time and effort was put into that?”

“I don’t really care and aren't you selfish? You’re crying over some stupid clothes-” Kitsunami started but she cut him off with another yell.

“It’s so much more than the clothes! It’s the time spent putting all of this together, making this happen. There was no way I could do any of this by myself, no matter how hard I tried. I had help from my friends, family, classmates, and others who aren't even a part of my class but made time just to work on the things I needed,” Amy yelled, her necklace started to glow and so did Pearl’s. “How dare you ruin all the hard work of others, how dare you hurt my friends, and how dare you call me selfish when you cause others pain!” Her necklace starts to get brighter and by now she notices.

Pearl’s necklace glowed brightly too, so bright that Kitsunami had to cover his eyes. When the light cleared he saw that Pearl had disappeared and reappeared in front of Amy but she now looked just like Amy and the center gem of her necklace had turned to a pink quartz. Amy’s crystal then turned into a pale pink object with a clear heart on the front adorned by gems of magenta, purple, yellow, green, orange, and blue and a smaller pink rose-cut gem is etched on the top. Three blank cards also appeared next to the device.

Amy took them in her hand.

“It’s the Jewelry Mirror and Gemcards!” Spinel yelled from his spot, still tied up with Lazuli.

“Yeah, Amy is the new Cure!” Pearl cheered, startling Amy.

“You can talk!” Amy yelled.

“I’ve always been able to talk but you couldn’t hear me because only the Cures can hear me and the other Chaos,” Pearl said with a smile.

“Enough of this! If you think I will let you transform then you’re wrong,” Kitsunami yelled before blasting water at them. Pearl’s necklace started to glow before a pink heart-shaped barrier with a blue crown on top of it and a yellow bow behind it with a large purple star charm appeared around the two, stopping the water.

“Amy, it's the power of the Happiness Cures!” Pearl cried.

Amy gasped and looked at her, “What? The Happiness Cures?”

“Yes, that’s what your Cure personal is based off of!” Pearl cried. Amy looked at her with excitement.

They then heard three scares and looked over to see it was the boys. “Pearl, now isn’t the time to explain everything! You need to guide her in transforming so she can save the others!” Amer yelled.

“Right!” Pearl yelled back before turning to Amy.

“No, no, NO!” Kitsunami yelled, shooting more water at them but they just hit the barrier and did nothing, “I wouldn’t let you transform!”

“Amy you need to insert the Gemcards in order into the Jewelry Mirror to transform.”

“Okay,” Amy said with a nod.

The Jewelry Mirror opens to reveal a large heart-shaped mirror on the front with a heart shaped pink quartz on the top of it. Under it is a Mirror Ball used to activate the transformation when it is spun. Next to it are two pale-pink buttons.

The mirror shows her reflection, she smiles before the buttons under it glow and Amy spins around as she dances onto the first Gemcard. Then the other two Gemcards overlap and Amy pushes that part of the mirror down. She then shouts, "Pretty Cure, Sparkle!" before pressing the button. The mirror then shows the image of Cure Quartz and pink light shines.

Pink hearts then fly away to reveal Amy floating in the air, wearing a light pink cloak covering most of her body. Then a bunch of pink hearts appear from the mirror and surround her. Two of those hearts hit her arms and white gloves with red arm warmers appeared. Then two more of them hit her legs and her shoes reappeared, the only difference was they were tighter on the leg, had pointed heels underneath, and a small pink bow appeared on the sides. Amy then taps the mirror on her headband and the bows on the side disappear and a pink heart with three white feathers appears on the right side. She then lands on a giant heart that explodes, forming the rest of her outfit underneath. Amy removes her cloak, revealing her completed outfit. A winglike bow then appears on the back. She places the Jewelry Mirror on her right hip and a carrying case encases it. She grabs one more heart, which she puts on her left wrist and it turns into large gold rings that appear on each wrist.

She strikes a pose before saying, “Sparkling and Twinkling,” she then starts to draw a heart, “Healing and Harmony,” which then explodes into many smaller hearts before striking one more pose and introducing herself, “Cure Quartz!”

Back in the Dark Crystal Empire…

The crystal statue glowed a bright pink. When it subsided there was a new pink tapestry next to Cure Garnet. It was a picture of Cure Quartz with flower and heart designs.

“No, no, NO!” Kitsunami yelled once again before shooting more water at them but like the first time, it just hit the barrier and did nothing.

Quartz then came speeding out of the barrier and punched Kitsunami in the face, pushing him back and causing him to let go of Amber. “Great job, Cure Quartz! Now we need to help our friends.”

“How? I don’t think I can beat all of those characters with just my fist,” Quartz asked.

Just then Lazuil’s brooch shines white and a glowing ball comes out. It floats over to Quartz who holds it in her hand before it pops to reveal a hammer with a dark pink head and thick pale pink faces with a large pink rose-cut quartz in the middle of each one. It also has a long dark pink handle with gem designs on it.

Quartz grains at it as she holds it over her shoulder. “Oh, this will work perfectly!”

She then runs towards the large snake that is holding Silver and jumps in the air with a war cry, pink crystals start to grow on the faces as they become sharp. She then slams it onto the snake's head which breaks it.

Moonstone falls to the ground. Quartz then does the same to the wolf on top of Garnet, her body starts to glow pink. As she turns to where Lazuli is still tied up, Pearl appears in front of her. “Quartz wait, you should use your Emerald power.”

“My what?”

“I’ll explain it in more detail later but right now you need to keep thinking about how much you want to protect your friends to activate it.”

Amy nodded before closing her eyes and remembering all the screams of the boys when they were trapped. She started to glow and her hammer did the same. It then turned into a pale pink tambourine with a row of pink rose-cut quartz outlined in pale pink circling the outside. On the center of the ring part is a dark pink ring.

Quartz started at it before hearing a chime sound from her side bag. She took the Jewelry Mirror out of the bag and a hologram of the tambourine alone with a dialog.

“It’s your weapon’s entry. Read it to find out how to use it,” Pearl said.

“What’s Main Attack and why is it blank?”

“It’s your finishing move and you haven't done it yet so it isn’t in the log.”

Quartz nodded before putting the Jewelry Mirror back in the bag and holding her tambourine up. She closed her eyes and started to play it, soft music playing. Flowers started to grow around the lost boy Gemniks, making them look down in confusion.

Quartz then opened her eyes and hit the tambourine fiercely, causing a loud note to be played and when it was the flowers then turned into big flowers and captured the Gemniks, crushing them.

The Peter Pan Gemnik watched in worry and didn’t notice Amy jumping up behind him. She played another note and yelled, “Flower Blast!” A large whirlwind of flowers was blasted at them, breaking them to pieces.

Once she landed more characters surrounded her. She held up her tambourine and yelled before hitting, “Flower Wave!” A sound wave was released with multiple crystal flower petals that destroyed all the Gemniks.

“Moonstone! Are you ok?”

Quartz turned to Moonstone barely standing as Turquoise floated next to him, worried.

“Garnet you have to get up!” Carnelian yelled at Garnet who hadn’t moved after the pressure of the wolf was removed.

“Lazuli!” Quartz turned around to see Lazuli fall over, the ropes still tied around him.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen,” Kitsunami said as he appeared on the building behind the first Gemnik.

“You’re one to talk, you went down with only one punch,” Quartz said with a smirk. “And you’re wrong about them. They aren't weak, they will get back up no matter what and you know why?”

“Because they have a death wish?” Kitsunami asked with a straight face.

“Because I believe in them and know they can do it,” Quartz said as she started glowing pink. She closed her eyes and started to play a soft song on her tambourine, a light pink sound wave was released along with pink flower petals. They danced around each of the other Cures, who glowed pink as well. Quartz opened her eyes and looked up at Kitsunami, continuing to play her song. “We will defeat you and save my father, that is a promise.”

“Oh, and how do you plan to do that? By playing another little song?” Kitsunami asked, mockingly.

Quartz smiled, “Exactly.”

She stopped playing as her tambourine disappeared and the boys then stood up, fully healed. Lazuli summoned their weapons once more and they ran to attack the Gemnik.

It first tried to summon more Fairy Tale characters but Garnet shot a fiery arrow at the book and destroyed it. Lazuli then used his speed and wand to create a tornado, confusing it before Moonstone froze it to the ground.

“All up to you Cure Quartz,” Lazuli called out.

Pearl floated next to her, her necklace glowing. Her nose twitched, “Quartz, scratch my nose, please.”

Confused, Quartz does so, and when Pearl sneezes a Gemcard. Quartz takes it and looks at it. The background of the card is a glossy green with flowers on it. In the middle of the card is a rose-cut emerald with the name of the attack in the gem. “Quartz Flower Dance?”

“The name of your attack. Do you know what to do now?” Pearl asks.

Quartz nodes as she pulls the Jewelry Mirror out. It opens to reveal her reflection, she smiles before the buttons under it glows and inserts the card. The glass doors overlap and Quartz pushes that part of the mirror down and presses the button. The mirror then shows the card, which glows before the flowers in the card start to dance out of the picture and she starts the incantation, “Gather, power of flowers!” The petals then manifested into her tambourine but the quartz gems were now green and in the middle was a . She poses with it, “Quartz Tambourine!”

She waves her hand over the emerald, which glows. “Heal the hearts of those who need it most!” She announced before striking it three times and jumping in the air. She held the tambourine close to her as she spun the outside part, three different pink-colored flower symbols lit up before a large pink flower with a rose-cut emerald appeared in the middle and started to shine. The tambourine surges with pure energy before she taps it again four times, a melody starts to play as whole flowers and petals start to surround her and dance to the music.

She then spins around quickly and when she stops, with her left leg slightly in the air, she yells, “Quartz Flower Dance!” The emerald glows once more and a blast of green power shoots out and surrounds the Gemnik before the flowers start to dance around him.

The green power then disappears revealing the Gemnik crystallized in pink crystals while flowers continue to dance around it. Quartz lands in a crouched position with her eyes closed. She stands up and opens them, smiling. She then held the tambourine up and tapped it one last time, “Twinkle.”

The flowers explode which shatters the crystal revealing an amethyst heart that floats over to the Author. When it got close to the part where the heart belonged, it was absorbed into him. The crystal shattered and he woke up. “Wh-what happened?”

“Dad-” Quartz started to yell before Lazuli came up behind her and covered her mouth. “We can’t reveal our secret.” Quartz nods and he takes his hand away. The other Chaos go and hide behind the building, peeking from their spot.

“Are you ok sir?” Garnet asks as he helps him up.

“Yes but what happened?”

“Your heart was stolen and turned into a Gemnik but we purified it,” Moonstone responded.

Author then looked over at where Quartz and Lazuli were. He narrowed his eyes at Quartz which made her nervous. “And who are you? You're new right?”

Quartz smiled and nodded, “I’m Cure Quartz, sir.”

“She’s the one who purifies you,” Lazuli said as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“Well thank you very much, young lady,” Author said with a smile. Quartz smiled back.

“We’d better get going and as for the kids who were out here previously, we told them to take shelter inside,” Garnet said before they jumped away.

“Thank you again,” Author yelled before running inside. “Kids? Amy?”

“Up here Dad,” came the voice of his daughter from another room upstairs. He ran up to the door and opened it to find them in the room with the Chaos. He smiled before noticing how different Pearl looked. “Who is that and why do they look like you Amy?”

“This is Pearl, Dad. She bonded to me after I saved her when we were attacked by one of the Gemnik’s minions,” Amy said with a smile. Author hugged her, “I’m sorry for that and if I hurt you.”

“Dad it’s ok, it’s not your fault,” Amy said with a smile.

Just then Silver’s phone went off. He pulled it out. “Uh, guys?”

They all looked at him, “I don’t want to alarm you but it’s already 9 o’clock.”

“What?” Amy screamed.

“Oh, your mother’s probably worried. Didn’t you say one of your other friends was coming over to help?”

“Yeah, Blaze but she texted me a while ago to say she needed to stay back to help mom,” Amy said with a smile. “Now come on, we need to load those outfits into the truck and get a move on!”

They all ran downstairs to the now very dry racks of clothing. Lazuli had used his wand to dry them quickly before they had jumped through a window into that room and detransformed.

“Oh, my what happened here?” Author asked as he looked around at the knocked-over racks.

“You can blame Cure Lazuli for that. His wind was going everywhere and hit here but at least nothing was damaged,” Sonic said and Amy nodded, she fiddled with her necklace which held her Cure items in it.

When they arrived at Amy’s mom's shop they were swarmed by the others wondering why it had taken so long to get there. Daisy was horrified to hear what happened and made sure to check over her husband before showering him in kisses.

Aqua was the first to notice Pearl’s change. “Amy is that Pearl?”

Everyone looked at the new pink chao. Amy smiled, “Yeah it is. We bonded after I saved her from one of the Gemnik’s minions.”

“Wow that’s so cool Amy,” her classmates praised her.

“I guess that means we can’t separate them huh?” Daisy asked her husband who smiled at her.

“You mean you’ll let me keep her?” Amy asked. Both of them nodded and Amy ran up and hugged them, “Thank you, thank you!”

“Alright now it’s time to get going, we have a lot to do and only a few hours to do it,” Daisy said.

In the city of Mobotropolis, there were three groups of schools, meaning nine schools in total. There was Station Square Schools, the city’s public school with one of the best athletic programs in the city. Firestone Private Schools, the city’s school for the rich and famous, mostly focuses on business and STEM classes. And finally Green Hills Schools, a school system that sits on the outskirts of Mobotropolis and has a big agriculture & biotech program.

One homeroom from each of the nine schools will participate in the festival whether as an entertainment or a vendor. However, the whole class must participate and it has to be hero-themed.

The Firestone schools have a lot of different kinds of art classes and at each school is a very unique and higher level form of art as well as the upgraded version of some of the art classes from the other school. An example is the Elementary School has jewelry-making classes but these are the basic kind, with beads and charms but as they move up they start to learn more jewelry-making techniques and by the time they are in high school, they are working with real gems. At the festival the Elementary School was selling jewelry, the Junior High School selling clothing, and the High School selling different kinds of artwork they made, like paintings, stone and wood sculptures, and many other things.

While the Green Hills ​schools are big on agriculture & biotech they also have great culinary classes which is what their representatives are showcasing. The Elementary School is selling different kinds of cookies with heroes on them and other kinds of treats like homemade candy, brownies, cakes, and cupcakes, the Junior High School is selling different kinds of jarred goods and breads, and the High School is selling BBQ that they were cooking there with some help from parents and teachers.

The Station Square Schools are known for their sports teams who had never lost a match against any of the other schools in Mobotropolis but they have many other things about them that most overlooked which is why the Elementary and Middle Schools did a non-sport event. The Elementary School is selling things for pets like specially-made treats and outfits. They even set up a photo booth for pets as well. The Junior High School is doing a Fashion Show dedicated to the Cures and the High School has set up games with prizes for people.

The Fashion Show was at 9 PM and the plan was simple. Everyone was to meet at the Daisy’s Beauty Parlor around 8 o’clock for a head count while Amy, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver go to Amy’s to pack up the outfits before driving over to the meet-up spot. Daisy then told everyone when they would need to meet her backstage based on an estimate of how long it would take to do their hair and makeup. Everyone was to be backstage by 5 and in costume by 8.

Once a head count was taken and times were given the class left for the festival while Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze helped pack the supplies for hair and makeup into the truck. Once it was packed, Author drove the truck while Daisy drove the kids and Chaos and another of her employees drove the other employees to the festival.

The festival was divided into three different parts; games, food, and vendors. Most of the game and food tents were in the park next to city hall which is where all the vendor tents were as well as the surrounding streets.

Thanks to Blaze’s help a stage had been set up on the back of City Hall for their show and her father had been kind enough to allow them to use some of the room in City Hall to get ready.

Once they got there they parked by the stage and started to unload everything. Blaze had already shown them the rooms they could use and Daisy and Amy started dividing them into makeup rooms and costume rooms. Blaze had left to go talk to her parents and had unfortunately been dragged away by her brothers to check out the festival.

Once they had set up, Amy dragged the boys out of City Hall and to a more secluded part of the festival grounds before demanding they tell her everything.

“So let me get this straight, these Chaos were trained by Crown Princess Sapphire of the Crystal Empire, the daughter of Empress Vaness who not only created the other Cure teams but also Mobius. They were sent here by her after the Empire was invaded to find new Cures to help defeat the villain who managed to take down the Empress who basically created our university?” Amy asked after they had explained everything.

“Um yes,” Shadow said. “But that’s not the most important part of what we just said.”

“Uh, I think it is. We need to know what we're up against.”

“Yeah but that guy is locked up in a mirror so we don’t have to worry about him right now,” Sonic said.

“I guess,” Amy said, still a little unsure.

“Hey don’t think about it too much. Hopefully, when that time comes we’ll have the fifth Cure with us and have all our powers,” Sonic said to her with a smile.

“And maybe we’ll have found the Princess’ Chao as well,” Spinel said with hope. “If we find her we might be able to free the Princess and with her help, we’ll be unstoppable,” Carnelian said with a smile.

“Hey I’ve got a question,” Silver said and the Chaos looked at him. “Amy’s power, what is it? I know she’s the Cure of Healing and Harmony but what powers does she get from healing?”

The chaos all turned to Pearl who smiled as she said, “Healing is represented by the Emerald and has the element flower. Cure Quartz can grow any flower and heal but only when she plays her tambourine.”

“Um yeah, I’ve got to ask what that tambourine looked more like Cure Sunshine’s tambourine than Cure Fortune and why didn’t she use the attack item of Cure Lovely? Isn’t that who Cure Quartz is based on?”

“Um Shadow if we use that logic, the only Cure who has the actual attack item of the Cure they’re based on is Silver,” Amy deadpan.

That seemed to make Shadow’s brain stop for a moment as he stared at them.

“If I may,” Spinel started, causing the attention to go to him. “You are aware that she’s trying to not completely rip off her mother, right? She tried to give each of you a weapon that matched your personality or element. Now she did take inspiration from some of the other attack items that her siblings had made but it’s not a crime.”

“Also when has any Cure had an ax or a hammer?” Amber asked.

“She has a point there,” Sonic said with a laugh.

Just then all their phones started going off with either texts or calls.

“I think you’re being looked for,” Turquoise said.

“Oh, yeah, we better go meet up with our friends and enjoy the festival as much as we can until it’s time to get ready for the show,” Sonic said as he put his phone back in his pocket.

The others nodded as they went looking for their friends. During their time together they got to meet Blaze’s brothers, Magnus and Leo. Both were very happy to meet their older sister’s friends. They also expressed their excitement for the fashion show.

Soon it was time to get ready for the show which was as hectic as you can imagine but they had lots of help from parents and other students.

Soon it was time.

As the sun went down over the festival numerous lights lit up the streets and park, illuminating the people and vendors. The smell of food wafted through the air attracting customers to the different food stalls or trucks.

At the back of city hall was a large runway/stage decorated with different Cure colors and symbols. Lights in different colors were strung onto the top and along the runway. The backdrop on the stage was a large screen that would project different images or effects based on who was on the runway.

People were excited for the show and started to gather around the stage at 7:30, trying to get good spots in the front.

“Welcome one and all to the Station Square Junior High School Pretty Cure Fashion Show!”

Cheers erupted from the crowd. The stage lights started to wave around like crazy as if they were feeding off the crowd's energy.

“These outfits have been designed after six different Cure Groups and are modeled by the students of the Knothole Homeroom. Let’s welcome our first models, modeling the Doki Doki! Pretty Cures.”

The spotlights all went out, only the strings of light lit up the area and what little parts of the stage they hung from.

Just then the screen came to light as the insignia of the Doki Doki Cure appeared in the middle with pink hearts outlined in gold with white feather wings on the sides behind it. A magenta spotlight shone down on the space in front of the screen as Sonic stepped out and posed in his outfit. Spinel was next to him, no longer wearing his blue bow but a pink bow that had a sewn-in pattern meant to look like the silver heart on Sharuru’s bow. Amy had also added ribbons on top to look like Sharuru’s ears and around his neck was a pink neck collar.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (1)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

Once he started walking down the catwalk a light blue spotlight appeared in the same spot Sonic’s had been and Tails walked out and into the spotlight before posing as well.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

The clasps in his hair are now two which are on Tails’ tails.

After Tails, it was the Cure Rosetta model’s turn and this time the spotlight was yellow. Then it was Cure Sword model’s turn and her spotlight was purple.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (3)

(Don't Know)

Finally, it was Cure Ace’s turn. His spotlight was red. When the model stepped out everyone gasped, believing that the student was actually wearing armor.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (4)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand, with Sonic at the end. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank as the announcer came back on. “Next up are the Suite Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Suite Cure appeared and behind it was golden music notes. A light pink spotlight shone down on the stage as the model came out.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (5)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

It was the same for the other Cures with Cure Rhythm’s spotlight being white, Shadow’s, as Cure Beats, being blue, and Cure Muse’s being yellow. Carnelian came out with Shadow wearing the collar from Saphia and had the heart symbol of Hammy painted on her forehead.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (6)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

The pink bow on the dress doesn't have a rose but a Cure Module instead.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (7)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

The hair piece is quill covers.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (8)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

The bright yellow bow on the dress’ collar doesn't have a jewel but a very small Cure Module instead.

Just like the Doki Doki models, once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank. “Next up are the Fresh! Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Fresh Cure appeared and behind it was clovers with each of its four leaves being a different color, pink, blue, orange, and red with the middle being green. A pink spotlight shone down on the stage as the model came out.

It was the same for the other Cures with Cure Berry’s spotlight being blue, Cure Pine’s being yellow, and Silver’s, as Cure Passion, being red. Turquoise came out with Silver wearing the exact outfit Chiffon wears that Amy had sewn for him. He also has two pink puff balls on his head to represent Chiffon's ears.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (9)

(Don't Know)

On the right side of their top is the Fresh Clover patch. Cure Passion’s outfit doesn’t have a skirt but instead has shorts.

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank. “Next up are the Happiness Charge! Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Happiness Charge Cure appeared and behind it were pink, blue, yellow, and purple bows. A hot pink spotlight shone down on the stage as Amy walked out. Pearl came out with Amy wearing the pink dress, bag, and bow as Ribbon which Amy had made for her. Daisy had painted the butterfly-like marks of Ribbon over her eyes and even added blush to her cheeks. She kept her necklace on since it did match the necklace that Ribbon wore


(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (10)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

It was the same for the other Cures with Cure Prince’s spotlight being pastel blue, Cure Honey’s being orange, and Mephiles’, as Cure Fortune, being violet.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (11)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (12)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (13)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank. “Next up are the Heartcatch! Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Heartcatch Cure appeared and behind it were pink, blue, yellow, and purple flowers. A bright pink spotlight shone down on the stage as the model came out.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (14)

(Don't Know)

It was the same for the other Cures with Cure Marine’s spotlight being sky blue, Cure Sunshine’s being gold, and Blaze’s, as Cure Moonlight, being silver. Amber came out with Blaze wearing the silver ornament that Saphia had made for her and instead of her scarf she wore the matching brooch. There was also a lot of purple makeup on her so she would kind of match Cologne.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (15)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (16)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (17)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank. “Next up are the Princess Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Princess Cure appeared and behind it were different golden crowns that either had pink flowers, blue pearls, yellow stars, or red flames under them. A light pink spotlight shone down on the stage as the model came out.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (18)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

It was the same for the other Cures with Cure Mermaid’s spotlight being aqua blue, Aqua’s, as Cure Twinkle, being pale yellow, and Cure Scarlet’s being red. Aqua’s pet poodle Flicky, Agate, came out in her arms in a matching scarf and crown as Pafu.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (19)

(hielorei on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (20)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (21)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

The screen went blank. “Next up are the Smile Pretty Cures models!”

The screen came back to life as the insignia of the Smile Cure appeared and behind it was different Fairy Tale objects. A pink spotlight shone down on the stage as the model came out. Cheese came out with this person wearing two small pink bows that had yellow fluff attached to them to look like Candy’s ears and a pink neck collar as well. The yellow and pink hearts along with butterfly wings had been painted on him as well.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (22)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

Behind the apple part of the bow are chibi wings that look like Cure Happy’s.

Next was Knuckles’ turn, as Cure Sunny, who was under an orange spotlight. Next was Cure Peace under a yellow spotlight, Cure March under a green spotlight, and Rouge, as Cure Beauty, under a blue spotlight.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (23)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

Instead of the feather being orange and red it is white and on the right side of the head.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (24)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

On the left side of the head, just below where the hood is, is a white tiara clip with a yellow gem and two wings that look like Cure Peace’s crown.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (25)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

On the front of the hat is a gold crown that looks like the one Cure March wears and the yellow feathers are white.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (26)

(fenixfairy2 on DeviantArt)

On each side of the face is a white wing clip meant to look like Cure Beauty’s.

Once everyone had gone to the edge of the walkway and posed they did one more walk around together before each finding a spot on the edge of the runway to stand. They posed once more before bowing to the crowd and walking off the stage.

Once they had walked off the lights went out before coming back on as the announcer said, “Let’s give a big round of applause for our models!”

The crowd went wild with shouts and cheers as the class stepped back on stage. They all pushed Amy to the front as Blaze and Sonic each took her hand and raised it in the air as the announcer yelled, “Let’s give a round of applause for our designer, Amy Rose!

As everyone cheered and clapped for her Amy couldn’t help but smile. Pearl floated next to her and smiled, her necklace glowing.

(SoniCure) Jewel Pretty Cure - Chapter 8 - Peaco*ck5 - Sonic the Hedgehog (2024)
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