Set Me On Fire - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Harry Potter (2024)

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World Building - this is REQUIRED reading as I won't be repeating information I posted in this chapter
c - creole is the one that Grey & Phoenix have spoken their entire lives..Auggie learned it, as a result of her two soulmates being fluent in it, and Rhea married Grey, and they have kids together who will eventually run the voodoo people that Grey is the god of, after Grey dies or steps down, their eldest Izzy is the one up next. The entire family knows creole for these reasons.
f - french is the first language taught to Blacks, and Nora knew it because she went to Beauxbatons and they spoke it as the first language over there
i - irish is what Nora grew up speaking and Scarlett learned, so the entire family is taught irish
w - welsh is the language that Remus speaks, having been raised in Wales, and his mother taught him it. Sirius knows some welsh, but nobody else really does because Remus is embarrassed by the home life he grew up in and the language can trigger him
* * * * * * * *
this is the information about rooms and the land that the family lives on, and it is in rurul Ireland since Nora was born there and the family always falls in love with it.

the house has four floors, with an extra guest house, that Charlus & Dorea live in, and both houses and all floors adjust magically/automatically based on what is required of them.
There is a beach, and ocean, as well as a couple of ponds and streams and a waterfall.
Tons of forest for the werewolves to run around during the full moon, fully warded and secure and undetectable land.
5 greenhouses for Regulus to use for potion making.
7 greenhouses to grow a variety of trees with nuts and fruits, vegetables, etc, for the family to earn.
Massive herds of the following for eating and breeding for more food: highland cattle, sheep, geese, chickens
Herds of unicorns that followed Snow home from Hogwarts and they breed on their own
A dozen hellhounds because Grey lives there and they work with him and protect him, and the family as a result...they hellhounds can be visible or invisible, depending on what the hellhounds want at that moment.
Over three dozen horses for breeding and family use, and sell the sem*n
* * *
enormous potions lab that Regulus has to escort someone into otherwise bad things happen
because they only have 3 people who aren't born werewolves who don't rely on outer things to keep them from losing control on full moons, there are only 3 magically enforced rooms to house crazy werewolves
Wine cellar
Booze cellar
2 decked out theatre style rooms for watching tv or movies, or playing video games or whatever they want to do in there.
Four varieties of BDSM play rooms, but they are like the come and go room at Hogwarts where the rooms can customize based on the users requirements at the moment they enter the rooms.
* * *
First floor:
access to the backyard, to the patio, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, sauna, three hot tubs, two basketball courts. Two massive bonfires, one kiddy bonfire, and the kids enormous treehouse in the actual tree, as well as a greenhouse for the kids to grow food they are just allowed to eat whenever they want like cherry tomatoes, tiny cucumbers, a variety of berries from blueberries and raspberries and everything under the sun, etc. The kids aren't in charge of the upkeep, there are hired help for that, but the kids are encouraged to help out whenever they want to do so.
Four half bathrooms immediately by the backdoor.
A massive, professional kitchen that the staff uses only. It's warded for privacy, and won't show up unless the workers want it to. There are paid house elves, and human chefs that travel around the world with the family and cook for them at hotels they stay at or their private cabins, beach houses, etc.
Another huge kitchen, equally as impressive, but only for the family to use. The family teaches the kids to depend on themselves when possible, for snacks and stuff that they don't need someone to do professionally. For instance, breakfast when it's simple things like pancakes, fruit, etc. Tea. In the centre of the kitchen, there's a long island where the babies/toddlers are put into built in high chairs that appear and vanish based on the required needs.
On the end of the kitchen, there is a smaller kitchenette with a smaller round table that the adults can use. It's in a bay window, meaning they can see almost the entire way around.
On the other side of the kitchenette, there is a more formal dining room that can be magically extended for family events, and redecorated to appear more formal.
A huge sitting room where they put a christmas tree in the two floor window. There's a lot of sitting areas, and a huge fireplace that's NOT on the floo network.
Three half baths by the front door.
If you keep going around, there is one long room that's called the green room, and it's filled with plants. The roof and three walls are windows, so this is one of the favourite spots to go during storms, or while nursing babies as it can be a lot darker and quieter than other places in the house.
* * *
Second floor:
access is from the family kitchen, and just like at Hogwarts where the doors are magical and they move you from places in the castle, the door is in the kitchen and there are no stairs or anything leading up to the kids floor.
2 theatre style rooms for the kids to watch tv or movies or play video games. They are in their floor to encourage them to be able to not be under the adults feet. Two rooms to prevent as much fighting.
3 libraries
A gymnasium, yoga area, and rock wall.
Huge art room
A long sitting area like the living room on the first floor, and this is where the kids are allowed to go crazy and decorate their own christmas tree and decorate for holidays around the year, and while the family celebrates christmas, they aren't christian so they celebrate wiccan holidays for the most part.
Nurseries, each have a full bathroom attached with a walk in shower that makes bath time easier but also a tub, and the nursery has a walk in closet so they don't need dressers. They are shared as follows:
Sera & Simi
The six girls share one nursery, but it's the size of over three nurseries because the girls refuse to part, so Ainsley, Apollymi, Ciri, Izzy, Maz & Wren. Because Heddy is like 2 weeks younger than the others, she was placed in their room because Heddy is very much a girls girl and loves to be with her sisters.
Henry, Rai, & Wynter
There is a spare two nurseries for when someone is sick, or collicky, or won't calm down or just refuses to sleep at the same time as the rest in their designated nursery.
* * *
Third floor:
access to this floor is entirely aparation based, however there is a way to get a hold of one of the adults. The kids just call the house elves, who alert the required grown up, and they deal with it. It originally had stairs, but someone went up the wrong ones and chaos ensued on a full moon, thus the house was changed to prevent any accidents occurring again.
Each bedroom a minimum of 2 walk in closets, a bathroom with walk in shower and hot tub and bath tub. The entire bathroom walls consist of mirrors. There's a separate toilet that is in the same place but there's a door to have privacy. The bedrooms have a massive bed with some sort of frame, whether that is posts or canopy, bedside tables, fireplace not attached to the floo, with a love seat or couch depending on the people living in the room and what they prefer. The rooms listed at the main bedrooms and who they share it with:
Auggie, Grey, Harry, Regulus, & Severus, with an extra spare bedroom attached for times when they want peace and quiet or privacy with a certain husband or wife, as they are all legally married to one another and the PRIMARY relationship.
Draco, & Theo
Greyson, & Rhea
Remus, & Sirius
Freya, & Khali
Aster, & Rowan
Cami, & Phoenix
Jamie, Nora, Scarlett, & Snow
Adelaide, Ash, & Sol
Skye has her own room, as does River, but that's only means that they don't have primary relationships and they are always welcome to join other rooms for fun or have others in their rooms.
Four guest bedrooms that can be used for sexy times, or when someone is sick, or if they need to get uninterrupted sleep like Phoenix, or Nora, having to work at St Mungos. Because River has her own bedroom, she doesn't use the guest rooms. People use these room, for instance, when a baby needs to be fed so often that it's going to disturb the other people, like cluster feeding due to age or sickness or simply because that baby is requiring it for whatever reason.
* * *
Fourth floor:
All offices are attached to the floo but can be turned off easily, and each office is blood warded to the single owner. Even the house elves can't enter without being invited in by the present owner..
Phoenix's office
Regulus' office
Severus' office
Grey, also known as Manbo, is kind of like the devil for the voodoo worshippers.

It's voodoo tradition that he visits brides on the morning of their wedding, who he sleeps with and takes their virginity, and if any children are conceived, they are assumed to be the groom.

Grey's children actually change DNA in utero, similar to blood adoption, and they can either become twins or triplets with the already conceived baby. Because of this, Phoenix didn't know until the 1999 that Grey was his biological father.

In the other time lines, Grey & Auggie have Rhea, and either Grey & Rhea have Izzy, or he has Izzy with Auggie, but Izzy is the next in power after Grey. Izzy & Grey have Kane, who rules after her.
Rhea & Grey have Rhiannon & Kieran.
Rhiannon, Kieran, and Kane marry as soulmates and rule together.

Grey knew Skye from her Artemis days, and they've been soulmates for that long but it's been something that neither of them tell others that aren't their soulmates.

DAD: Charlus Henry Potter
DOB: 1940

MOTHER: Dorea Astrid Black-Potter
DOB: 1940

Dorea’s orphanage is called New Haven, and she doesn’t usually call it an orphanage unless she is in formal meetings so people understand that it’s an orphanage. But there isn’t anything on the ground saying orphanage because it was important for her to not have the kids being forced to deal with it on a constant basis, not to mention Dorea is basically their mom so…

Dorea has three older siblings, Pollux, Cassiopeia, and Marius. Marius married Delia, who had Phineas and Helena, and Helena married John Michaelson.

They had Scarlett Michaelson, who is Nora’s mother. Meaning Dorea is Nora’s great great aunt, because Dorea’s brother is Nora’s great grandfather.

While Dorea & Charlus went to Hogwarts together, she was a Slytherin and he was a Gryffindor, Charlus pursued Dorea after meeting on the Hogwarts express on their first days. He fell in love with her, at first sight, and she was equally as smitten but couldn't be open about it because of being engaged to Arcturus within months after Dorea was born, she tried to not fall for Charlus but she loved him just as deeply as he loved her.

Dorea was originally a healer. She opened an orphanage, however, for were wolf children and she gets Phoenix’s help probono to help her be their healers and get them all Wolfsbane, that Regulus makes for them for free. Malfoy manor was donated to them and that’s where the orphanage is. Nora also volunteers there as a healer.

Since the triplets never had a mother, they all call her mum, and have an incredibly close relationship as a result. They do sh*t tons together and since none of the triplets work, they each help take care of the kids at the orphanage, and kind of like big siblings to the orphans.

Dorea was abused growing up, in the Black family, her parents tried to marry her off to Arcturus, one of her cousins, who ironically married Melania and had Lucretia and Orion, and Orion is the father of Sirius & Regulus.

Because she was engaged to Arcturus as a baby, the fact that he sexually assaulted her entire childhood and until she married Charlus wasn’t anything that the Black family tried to put an end to. She had gotten pregnant with his child when she lied and told her parents it was Charlus’ so they could get married. Phoenix backed her up, lying about the DNA results because he knew what she was going through since he was her doctor too, technically.

She married Charlus when she was 15, and Phoenix helped her have an abortion.

Arcturus, Dorea’s ex fiancee, died in the 1990s, and he hadn’t been in London for a decade before his death.

Charlus, meanwhile, is a gifted potions master with his own successful business. He's on the board of directors for Hogwarts and St Mungos, as well as being the Potter representative for the Wizengamot, and took on the Black seat after Regulus & Jamie appeared to die, but once they were back alive, he offered to give the seats to the men, but they refused since they are busy and Regulus is head of the Black family estate, as well as professor at Hogwarts.

Charlus' middle name is where Harry gets Henry's name.
NAME: Nora Aida Kennedy-Black (no Potter)
DOB: October 13, 1977

Scarlett Adelaide Kennedy-Potter
DOB: October 31, 1957

Nora is an adept healer, but doesn’t want to become a master healer (unlike Phoenix) because she hates being the boss. She is too much like a hufflepuff to do well in that position.

She also has an eidetic memory.

She’s a natural redhead, so she has to have a pale complexion, and long red hair, normally tight curls but she tends to spell it straight or get it straightened to make things easier on herself. Hazel eyes, meaning they change based on what she wears, and Nora has no freckles.

Nora was raised in the wizarding world, and she was born and grew up in Ireland, since she’s irish, and never met any Blacks until she met Snow & Auggie at the same time, and she first was drawn by Auggie but Snow is the one that's always been her big relationship..they kept it under wraps for a few years, but not from their soulmates.

Attended Beauxbatons since her parents teach there - which means Nora speaks fluent french, fluent Irish since she was raised in Ireland for her early years before her parents moved her to school so they could teach, and fluent english.
She was in the Papillonlisse house, who is known for kindness, artistic ability, maturity, and idealistically. It’s represented by the colour purple and a butterfly on a leaf.

Her mother was born Scarlett Adelaide Michaelson who was born October 31, 1957. She’s an actual part of the black family tree, see below for link, and she is like 10th cousin to the family. Scarlett had been engaged to the heirship of the Black family, within three months of being born. Once Sirius was born in 1960, Scarlett was 3 years old when she became engaged to Sirius. Since her parents were terrified of her following Dorea's example and marrying someone at Hogwarts and cutting her family off, Helena & John refused to have Scarlett leave the house unsupervised, much less attend Hogwarts or school. She was taught the required basic things at home.

The plan was to have her marry when she was 16, and Sirius was 13, however months before their wedding, she happened to be out on a trip to Paris to get customized wedding dresses made for the big day, and she faked horrible cramps at the dressmaker.

Scarlett snuck out, made a run for it, and she literally ran into Cian before she'd been set to marry Sirius. They eloped once they found out they were soulmates, in order to prevent her parents from breaking them up, and tried to get pregnant immediately.

They married in 1973, and didn't have Nora until 1977. They never stopped trying to get pregnant until his death in 1999, and never were able to make another child.

Cian Kennedy was Irish, and they raised Nora in an incredibly well balanced home, and she was bullied a bit at school but she’s a book nerd meaning she’s always reading and creative, so people forgot she existed for the most part. She’s never met any Blacks before marrying Snow & Auggie because her mother ran away from her family and refused to let her meet them..thus why Nora goes by Kennedy.

After Cian's death, Scarlett moved into the house with the family December 1999, and she started a relationship with Jamie, Nora, & Snow. She ended up getting spontaneously pregnant in August 2000, and married them on October 31, 2000. Identical twin sons, Noir & Onyx, were born May 27, 2001.

Unlike in other lifetimes, Scarlett & Nora were together romantically far earlier than they've been, so they've known they are soulmates since Nora was 10 years old. When Nora met Snow & Auggie, in 1994, Scarlett put the brakes on because she was terrified of anyone from the Black family. She didn't find out that she is soulmates with Snow or Jamie until December 1999 when they first slept together.

Adelaide is her teenage self, who goes by their middle name to distinguish the difference between them, and Adelaide is soulmates with Ash & Sol.

The Black family tree, and her mother is on the far right bottom side. Born in 1983.
Skye's information:
Full name: Skyelar Giselle Blackwood
Goes by Skye.

Skye is Artemis, reborn, and Artemis is the goddess of werewolves. While she's never met anyone in the story yet, everyone quickly discovers that she's their other soulmate.

Skye and Luna are both hints to her deity roots as Artemis, since Luna is one she also went by as a goddess. She got kicked out of Mount Olympus after being cursed during a spat between Zeus & Hera, and Artemis was the first infected werewolf, and started the werewolves. She's their goddess and the goddess of the moon partly because of this, but the deities banished her from Mount Olympus to save their scrawny asses from risking infection. None gave two sh*ts for Artemis, so while she's had some unfrequent interactions with various deities, none are in Mount Olympus, and they are all purely accidental.

While Skye can adjust her appearance as a metamorphmagus, she usually sticks close to her own appearance unless she needs to adjust it. While Skye can adjust her appearance like Tonks or Teddy in canon, she tends to be blonde at all times, and have the basic appearance of herself unless someone KNOWS her and she's trying to hide, in which case she will change whatever needs to be done. The necklace she wears doesn't just mask her eyes and general appearance with sometime similar to the notice me not charm, and blocks her werewolf scents from being detected by others, but it greatly decreases her own lycanthropy side effects to make it so she can function. Her hearing and smelling and taste buds and arousal are ALWAYS sky high, and the necklace keeps them down more resembling a regular witch. She takes it off during the full moon, and since she is ground zero, she's never reacted like werewolves that are rabid on the full moon, and it's because she found a ring to keep her mind in tact and in control, so she's been wearing that for thousands of years now, and doesn't require wolfsbane as a result.

She has loosely curly blonde hair, with gold eyes, but she usually has something cast that makes it so muggles nor magical folk pay her any unneeded attention. Like a notice-me not charm but stronger and longer term.

REAL appearance: wavy blonde hair with copper undertones and gold streaks that match her eyes.

Appearance: Scarlett Johansson
Alphas, Betas, Omegas

There is zero gender inequality, but Omegas are very desired as they are MADE to have sex and take the heats unlike Betas, unless they are bonded to an Alpha then they have the choice. Omegas tend to be drawn to Alphas scent during heat, just as Alphas can scent them, but Betas can't scent either.

Alphas can calm their bonded mates, and when Severus bonded to Draco & Harry, he told them that they weren't allowed to let any other Alphas f*ck with their heads and force them. It also makes it so that the boys aren't forced to do whatever Severus wants them to do.
Minerva gave Pomona & Poppy the same bond.
Jamie will do the same with Nora & Snow.
Phoenix will do the same with Regulus & Auggie
Remus has been bonded to Sirius since they were teenagers.

Alphas - fearless trailblazers who love to be in control, and have a way of attracting others. They are naturally confident in their decision making, natural-born leaders. Understand their priorities and purpose in life. Speak their minds and are assertive in their approach. [Ash, Aster, Dorea, Grey, Jamie, Minnie, Phoenix, Remus, Severus, & Skye]

Betas - Kind, gentle souls who prioritize person connections. They are very in touch with their emotions, and are the ones more approachable. They are always respectful and friendly towards others. Respect the leadership but are followers not leaders. Loyal to a fault, empathetic, and strongly protective of others. Are reserved when it comes to sharing their opinion of others. Betas main use is helping an Alpha or Omega through their heats, as Betas don't have them and their bodies can adjust to meet their needs. [Cami, Greyson, Narcissa, Nora, Regulus ]

Omegas - are self-assured, and don't hold high regard for how they are seen by others. Driven towards what they want and are skillful, intelligent and are able to make calculated decisions whether they do or not is another matter. Unusual and unproductive hobbies and interests. [Adelaide, Auggie, Charlus, Draco, Freya, Harry, Khali, Pomona (weaker), Poppy (weaker), Rhea, River, Rowan, Scarlett, Sirius, Snow, Sol, Theo]

Alphas heats can be triggered by Omegas in heat around them, and everyone has their heats in various ways according to their own body.

Hogwarts has pods 'mini rooms, with kitchen where you can request your food on a form that the house elves automatically fill immediately, and a bathroom, shower, toilet, giant tub, and every pod is stocked full of various sex toys to keep them entertained.

Alphas heats generally go between 7-10 days, but stronger alphas can go up to 14 day, but with an omega vs a beta, it is decreased by 2 days on average, sometimes more depending on how many people they are locked up with and how many omegas there are. Alphas generally don't enjoy being locked up with other Alphas because they can fight over Omegas, and Betas, but if the people get along great and normally have sex, then it greatly detracts from the fight drive or gets rid of it entirely.

Omegas develop an extra hole during heats to conceive, called a cloaca. Their heats can go from 5 days for weaker omegas, while stronger ones can go to 10 days easily, and if they are partnered with an alpha while the alpha finishes their heat, the omega can end at the same time as the alpha. Omegas who are partnered with Alphas have their heats decreased by an average of 2 days.

Betas don't have heats

Severus bonded Draco & Harry back in 6th year after Harry & Draco both presented during a detention for his DADA class that he started to teach that year. The other person has to agree to being bonded and it's entirely voluntary, because bonding means the alpha can control you with his alpha voice, or slip into your head and communicate back and forth like legilimency. The alpha can also control their bonded(s) using their alpha voice if they need to use the power in case of danger. Thus it's a huge commitment to bond.
Being bonded also gives omegas a extra protection against other Alphas trying to take over, you can't undo a bond, and betas can be bonded as well but have no need to listen or follow an Alphas commands, unlike omegas.
There are two types of soulmates, regular soulmates that just tie your lives together, versus the tattoo soulmates that are the perfect romantic partners for you. The second are the ones that appear on the finger as tattoos. For instance, Auggie's tattoo soulmates are Grey, Harry, Phoenix, Regulus, Severus, & Theo. While her non-tattoo is Draco, and essentially everyone else in the family. It doesn't mean her relationship with Draco isn't as precious to her as the others or as meaningful.
Harry's tattoos are Auggie, Draco, Regulus, Severus, & Theo.
Animagus & Patronuses

Auggie - Ètoile (Reggie’s black panther animagi form)
Draco - white ferret
Harry - falcon
Jamie - Siberian tiger (because a male deer against a werewolf? Really?!)
Nora - Pine Marten (irish animal, black like Snow’s hair)
Phoenix - a phoenix
Reggie - Etoile, a black panther
Remus - was Moony, but shifted to be Siri’s Padfoot
Severus - a black owl
Sirius - Moony, how he sees him so not crazy and chaotic like Remus sees himself, but gentle and calm and looks like an actual wolf version of Moony
Snow - a snow leopard that used to matche Auggie’s before Auggie's changed to match Regulus' patronus

Auggie - a snow leopard that matches Snow's, named Wolfy after Little Red Riding Hood
Draco - white ferret, named Ferret
Harry - none, since he's a werewolf
Jamie - Siberian tiger, named Toothy
Nora - Pine Marten (irish animal, black like Snow’s hair)
Phoenix - a phoenix
Regulus - Ètoile (a black panther)
Remus - none, since he's a werewolf
Severus - a black owl
Sirius - Moony, how he sees him so not crazy and chaotic like Remus sees himself, but gentle and calm and looks like an actual wolf version of Moony
Snow - a snow leopard that matches Auggie’s, named Red after Little Red Riding Hood
Full Names:
Adelaide - Scarlett Adelaide
Ainsley Jade
Apollymi - Landon Apollymi
Ash - Acheron Darion {because Auggie & Regulus knew Acheron was trans, they aged him up after birth to ask him if he wants to go by Ash this life again}
Aster Phoenix
Auggie - August Isadora
Blake - Blakelyn Remi
Briar Bronwyn
Charlus Henry Potter
Ciri - Yennefer Cirilla
Dorea Astrid Black-Potter
Draco Lucius Black
Freya Delphine
Greyson Augustus
Harry Arcturus James
Heddy - Hedleigh Harlow
Henry Theodore
Izzy - Isadora Dagmar
Jamie - James Charlus Potter
Khali - Khaleesi Reigne
Maz - Mazikeen Khali
Khali - Khaleesi Reigne
Noir - Karma Noir
Nora Aida Kennedy-Black
Phoenix Sanon {last name was Sanon but changed it to his middle name after marrying the Blacks}
Onyx Kalea
Rai - Ember Rai
Regulus Arcturus
Rhea/Ray - Rhea Isadora
Rowan Quinn
Scarlett Adelaide Kennedy-Potter
Sera - Seraphina Giselle
Simi - Xiamara Luna
Skye - Skyelar Giselle Blackwood
Sirius Orion
Snow Willow
Sol - Solaris Eirwen
Stryker James
Wren - Wrenlee James
Wynter Deveros
Appearances & Ages

Adelaide (16) - Vanessa Hudgens
Ash (17) - Reiky de Valk
Aster (17) - KJ Apa (not the red hair since Snow's egg created him)
Auggie (21) - Lana Parrilla
Cami/Cambree (14) - Camilla Mendes
Charlus (63) - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Dorea (61) - Hilarie Burton Morgan
Draco (21) - Tom Felton
Freya (17) - Freya Mavor
Grey/Manny (ageless) - Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Greyson (17) - Jansen Ackles
Harry (21) - Daniel Radcliffe in Lost City
Jamie (41) - Zac Efron
Khali (17) - Megan Donelly
Minnie (73) - Kate Beckinsale
Narcissa (38) - Natalie Dormer
Nora (21) - Rose Leslie (bright red hair)
Phoenix (160) - Alexander Dreymon
Pomona (73) - Ali Larter
Poppy (73) - Sandra Bullock
Regulus (40) - Timothee Chalamet
Remus (41) - Douglas Booth
Rhea (17) - Camilla Mendes
River (ageless) - Alex Kingston
Rowan, nonbinary (17) - Madelaine Petsch (not the red hair since Snow's egg created them)
Scarlett (41) - Michelle Gomez
Severus (41) - Kit Harrington
Skye (older than dirt) - Scarlet Johansson
Sirius (40) - Karl Urban
Snow (21) - Lana Parrill
Sol (17) - Vanessa Hudgens
Theo (20) - Ian Somerhalder

Babies in the order of birth and ages, first name is the one carried them:
Khaleesi "Khali" Reigne {Harry & Draco's daughter} DOB is 03/03/1999 [aged up]
Greyson Augustus {Harry & Fenrir's son} DOB is 03/03/1999 [aged up]
Freya Delphine {Harry & Severus' daughter} DOB is 03/03/1999 [aged up]

Aster Phoenix {Snow & Jamie} DOB is 03/27/1999 [aged up]
Rowan Quinn {Snow & Jamie; born female but non-binary} DOB is 03/27/1999 [aged up]

Acheron "Ash" Darion {Auggie & Regulus' trans-son} DOB is 04/07/1999 [aged up]
Rhea Isadora {Auggie & Regulus} DOB is 04/07/1999 [aged up]
Solaris "Sol" Eirwen {Auggie & Regulus} DOB is 04/07/1999 [aged up]

Seraphina "Sera" Giselle {Skye & Harry's identical twin daughters, conceived during transition on a full moon and both born on a full moon} DOB 12/22/1999
Xiamara "Simi" Luna {Skye & Harry's identical twin daughters, conceived during transition on a full moon and both born on a full moon} DOB 12/22/1999

Maz - Mazikeen Khali {Auggie & Grey} DOB 10/31/2000
Apollymi - Landon Apollymi {Auggie & Severus} DOB 10/31/2000
Ciri - Yennefer Cirilla {Auggie & Theo} DOB 10/31/2000

Ainsley - Ainsley Jade {Rhea & Regulus} DOB 10/31/2000
Izzy - Isadora Dagmar {Rhea & Grey} DOB 10/31/2000
Wren - Wrenlee James {Rhea & Regulus} DOB 10/31/2000

Wynter Deveros {Cami & Phoenix, identical twin sons} DOB is 11/07/2000
Ember "Rai" Rai {Cami & Phoenix, identical twin sons} DOB is 11/07/2000

Henry Theodore {Harry & Theo} DOB 11/11/2000 (born on a full moon)
Heddy - Hedleigh Harlow {Harry & Theo} DOB 11/11/2000 (born on a full moon)

Blakelyn "Blake" Remi {Sol & Ash; only son} DOB 01/20/2001
Aurelia James {Sol & Ash} DOB 01/20/2001
Briar Bronwyn {Adelaide & Ash} DOB 01/20/2001
Echo Everleigh {Adelaide & Ash} DOB 01/20/2001

Karma "Noir" Noir {Scarlett & Jamie's identical twin sons, first born} DOB is 05/27/2001
Onyx Kalea {Scarlett & Jamie's identical twin sons} DOB is 05/27/2001
Werewolf Pack, oldest to youngest in being turned:
Skye / Luna
Remus / Moony
Harry / Raspberry
Greyson / Coal {Fenrir & Harry's son, born a werewolf} his name comes from how dark of fur he has
Sera / Nova {Skye & Harry's daughter, born a werewolf}
Simi / Echo {Skye & Harry's daughter, born a werewolf}
Henry / Bleu {Harry & Theo's son, born a werewolf} his name comes from the blue sheen of his fur
Heddy / Daisy {Harry & Theo's daughter, born a werewolf}

Greyson, Sera, Simi, Henry, & Heddy are all born werewolves, and are each equally deathly allergic to Wolfsbane but they don't lose control on full moons. They can change forms at will, to their wolfy counterparts, like animagus forms that are just always available to them.
Legally married in this life or other lives that bleeds through to this life:
Adelaide, Ash, & Sol
Auggie, Draco, Harry
Auggie, Grey, Regulus, Severus, & Rhea
Auggie, Regulus, & Severus
Cami & Phoenix
Charlus & Dorea
Draco, Harry, & Severus
Jamie, Nora, Scarlett, & Snow
Minnie & Poppy
Remus & Sirius

Auggie, Draco, Harry, & Theo
Auggie, Nora, Snow
Charlus, Dorea, & Scarlett
Harry, Remus, Sirius, & Skye
Dorea, Minnie, & Scarlett
PROFESSORS and the classes/roles they play in Hogwarts. This will probably be adjusted, so keep an eye on this, but not everyone on this will be in the story. So far Jamie, Minnie, Nora, Pomona since she is Snow's head of house, Regulus, Remus, Sirius..there are languages I've added, and math and literature because those are severely lacking. If you think of any other classes to add, let me know, please!

Firenze - Divination

Jamie - Defense, Flying and Gryffindor's coach

Minnie - charms, transfigurations, deputy headmistress

Nora - hands on sex ed, first aid, mental health, body education, as well as heal minor things that they don't require Poppy's attention.

Pomona - herbology, care of magical creatures since Hagrid died during the final battle saving his brother, head of house for Hufflepuff

Regulus - Dark Arts, flying and Slytherin coach and head of house for Slytherin, History of Magic, Study of Ancient Ruins, potions for years 1-5 to help Severus' workload as Headmaster. Severus assigned Regulus years 1-5 classes.

Remus - Math, english/creative writing/literature, head of Gryffindor because Minnie would never trust Sirius or Jamie to have that kind of power and authority.

Sirius - Astronomy since he raised memorizing everything about it because his parents abused him until he got good grades, Muggle Studies, as well as French since they grew up French as their first taught language and primary language in Black family events.

Severus - headmaster, potions for years 6-8 because he has no patience for the chaos and damage that happened in the earlier years. He is also on the board of directors and has numerous awards for his help ending the war.

Set Me On Fire - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Harry Potter (2024)
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