Oh My Woodness! Designer Sunglasses (2024)

Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses

Oh My Woodness! Welcome to our collection of wooden sunglasses and frames, each pair of wood frame sunglasses equates to planted trees around the globe. Partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project, Oh My Woodness! is contributing to fund tree planting operations in Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal, to combat deforestation and provide resources to some of the world's most vulnerable communities.

The Oh My Woodness! Wooden shades line is carefully designed to transform natural wood and bamboo into fashionable and unique eyewear. The craft of shifting stunning natural materials into vibrant, modern designs is made to look easy with this collection. Boldness and brightness culminate to make an assortment that can win you some serious karma points. Wood as a material is inherently better for the environment and Oh My Woodness! is committed to improving the world on all echelons.

Why choose wood frames?

1. Ecologically friendly - Wood sunglasses are an ideal option for individuals that are seeking ways to reduce their ecological impact. Compared to other material options wood and bamboo sunglasses can be sustainably sourced and biodegrade. Other sunglasses made of plastic, metal, and acetate are going to hang around for centuries.

2. Highly Durable - This may come as a surprise, but wood is highly durable even though it can degrade. It is remarkable, we can’t emphasize this enough! With the right treatment, your wooden sunglasses will have you looking great for years to come. Wood is resistant to heat, water, and it isn’t corrosive like some metals. Bamboo is the king of the durability hill, it has impressive tensile strength and is grown very sustainably. Wood frames require very little maintenance, compared to plastic that becomes brittle over time, or metal frames that can warp - wooden frames meet at the intersection of fashion and function perfectly.

3. All frames are special - We mean it when we say each frame is made special. Wood is unique as no two frames are ever going to be 100% the same, even when sourced from the same tree. The details and grain of the frames are going to vary from each pair, offering a small but special way to stand out.

Eden Reforestation Project

The Eden Projects is here to plant trees and save lives through their efforts. Stationed in 8 countries around the globe, they are missioned with combating deforestation and aiding the immediate communities in regions that are afflicted by the issue. They have a unique focus and perspective for success, building long-lasting tight relationships with the local people is the only way to ensure genuine impact. There are many sides to deforestation, but the locals understanding and buying into the practices is key. Often people who rely on deforestation and are hurt by deforestation are in underdeveloped poverty-stricken areas, forcing them to destroy natural resources simply to survive.

Families that are faced with the decision to support themselves or cut down trees for construction, fuel, heat, and unsustainable agriculture will use these poor practices in desperation. Utilizing these practices is useful to these communities in the short term, however, long-term effects will be felt in years to come to the globe over. These ecological effects are already apparent, devastation is seen in severe floods, erosion, and desertification.

The Eden Project prepares communities for success through two key components. Firstly funding through donors, grants, and partners like Oh My Woodness! Then most importantly through the communities themselves. For a project to take hold for years, and hopefully decades to come. The people who implement and live out these projects need to understand and desire the restoration and maintenance of their forests. There has to be a belief in the benefits of reforestation. This is not always a straightforward path since these communities are usually impoverished. The Eden Projects employ locals in their planting operations, creating a stable livelihood that provides for their family’s daily needs like food, shelter, and medicine.

Virtual Try-On While You Shop

Shopping online is not always straightforward, this is why we are here! We want to make shopping for sunglasses online as simple as possible. Give our Virtual Try-On tool a go, with it, you will get an ear-to-ear perspective on how your new frames will look. This is a big step up from other online apps, with our tool you just need to record a five-second selfie video and you can browse hundreds of frames, not just Oh My Woodness! With the tool, you will gain a 180-degree view and get a sense of look and fit, happy shopping!

Shopping with SmartBuyGlasses

Once you have the perfect pair of mens or womens wooden sunglasses picked out it is time to pop over to the checkout. There your Oh My Woodness! sunnies can be customized to your exact needs. If you require a prescription pair of lenses, enter your details and select the type of lenses you want. Plus, you can add coatings to your sunglasses, maybe a polarized coating or mirrored finish? If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to reach out to us and we can assist.

We love to boast that all of our frames sold on-site get a two-year warranty and have a 100 day return policy. So if you are not excited by your new wooden sunnies you have plenty of time to send them back hassle-free.

Don’t miss out on the latest content on our Blog and Optical Center, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and eye health-related articles. We have you covered on all things optical, welcome to eyewear made easy!

Oh My Woodness! Designer Sunglasses (2024)
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