American Idol’s Colin Stough Wants This Pop Superstar To Replace Judge Katy Perry (2024)


  • American Idol season 21 Top 3 finalist Colin Stough thinks that Adele should replace Katy Perry as a judge.
  • Colin respects Adele for her work ethic.
  • Colin is right that Adele would be the perfect replacement for Katy.

American Idol season 21 finalist Colin Stough thinks superstar singer Adele should take Katy Perry's place alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan as an American Idol season 23 judge. Colin placed third in the competition behind runner-up Megan Danielle and winner Iam Tongi. The country singer impressed when he put his own spins on songs like "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn, "It's Been Awhile" by Staind, "Hand In My Pocket" by Alanis Morissette, and "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban. Since American Idol season 21 ended, Colin has been performing live and releasing new music, including his latest single, "Sober."

"I’ve not always loved her music, but I’ve always respected her as a person for her work ethic."

In an interview with Us Weekly, Colin shared that he thinks that Adele should replace Katy Perry on American Idol. He explained, "I’ve not always loved her music, but I’ve always respected her as a person for her work ethic. In this industry, you have to have a work ethic." Colin continued, "To me, she has a different fame. She has true music fame, not like a TV fame or a publicity fame or anything like that. [Fame] just comes from her music."


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Would Adele Be A Great American Idol Judge?

Adele Has What It Takes To Replace Katy Perry

Colin gushed that, although he's never met Adele, she "seems amazing." He added, "She seems like she stands up for what she thinks, and I love that about her. I’d love to meet her one day." Colin joked that he wants to have a "sit-down conversation" with Adele about why she'd be the perfect replacement for Katy. Colin is right that Adele would be ideal for the role. She has the musical talent, performance experience, and extraordinary personality that would make her a superb judge. It will be challenging to replace Katy, but Adele might be the answer.

During American Idol season 22, the Top 7 contestants--Abi Carter, Will Moseley, Jack Blocker, Emmy Russell, Triston Harper, Julia Gagnon, and McKenna Faith Breinholt--sang Adele songs as part of the competition. Adele's catalog made for one of the best rounds of the show, and the contestants were thrilled to have the honor of singing her songs. It was apparent that they greatly admire her, and she influenced the show with her music without even appearing on it herself. Imagine what Adele could do for American Idol if she were actually on the judging panel.

Adele is the perfect choice to replace Katy because the show needs a woman to balance Lionel and Luke. She's also in the pop genre, among others, just like Katy. Adele is funny and sweet, and she'd bring a lot to the judges' table. One of the biggest criticisms of the American Idol judges in the ABC era is that they're not critical enough, so perhaps Adele could bring more honesty. As an American Idol contestant, Colin knows how it feels to be judged, so his opinion should be taken seriously. Adele should replace Katy Perry on American Idol.

American Idol season 22 is available to stream on Hulu.

Sources: Us Weekly, Colin Stough/Instagram

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American Idol’s Colin Stough Wants This Pop Superstar To Replace Judge Katy Perry (2024)
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